The uncelebrated mother.......happy mother's day to you!!!!
|   May 14, 2017
The uncelebrated mother.......happy mother's day to you!!!!



My daughter's Mother.........

Today I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy mother's day.You are the mother who had brought my daughter to this world only to depart from her for reasons I believe is strong enough to take this heartbreaking step.

The forgotten mother,the unsung who must be praying everyday for the child she gave her flesh and blood to keep her alive to bring her to ths world but could not be with her own child to enjoy each moments where the child accomplishes small things in life which the parents cherishes lifelong, like the moment when the child first says the word .....Maa....when the child starts crawling......the expressions through which the child explains all to the mother when words and sentences are still a distant goal. .....when the child starts walking. ......when the child starts picking up the words. .......starts going to school.....does something speacial for her mother as she grows so on.She misses out on so many things......and allows another woman to enjoy and cherish those wonderful moments.

I do not know you and do not know where you are .......but I  give you a heartful of love and best wishes as you deserve it.I can understand how much pain you have taken in bearing our child .....what it took in fighting all odds to show her the light of the day.....when things might not be going well with you or you were not in the best of the state to enjoy motherhood......the situation unknown to me but I respect your action of bringing her to this world.

My heart sinks thinking of the moment when you were departing from your child never to meet again.I respect you because I know it is impossible to stay away from your child but the reason must be a genuine one that a big step was taken by you in the best hope of your daughter getting a better life with her soul mother.

Last to last month I was down with chicken pox and to protect the little one had to keep away from heart sank as I could hug her,cuddle her ,play with her only after 20-25 days.We would talk from distance,give high five in air if she finished her food quickly,completed her homework in no time.Nights would be more difficult as she had never gone to sleep without me.Those were helpless nights. ...I cried and prayed to God.My prayers were and within 16 days I was fine and it was very severe thus a quick recovery was possible.

Just imagine when you know you will never be able to see your child in your lifetime but you know she would be with her soul mother,growing up like any happy healthy helpless situation.

I know what you are going through,there is your anxious heart sitting and thinking "Is she ok?"....."was the decision right?"......"is my daughter loved and accepted?"....."when she grows up and comes to know about the truth.....would she hate me?"

I want to tell you why worry when she has the blessings of three,me and the angel  (sisters of Missionaries of Charity) who selflessly took care of our daughter,gave me the opportunity to enjoy motherhood which otherwise was looking like an unfulfilled dreams.

I am proud and happy to share the Mother's day with you and promise to give my best to make her understand your compulsion that drove you to take this step and she equally respects and loves you for whatever you are and whoever you and takes pride of her three mothers throughout.

I hope it answers all your questions and I hope these vibes gets passed on to you.....and you can sleep peacefully with a light heart and smile on your lips.

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!

From your daughter's mother.

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