Am I a perfect mom?
|   Sep 12, 2016
Am I a perfect mom?

As soon as you enter motherhood, people flock from every corner to give you suggestions about how to feed a baby, what to do what not to do blah blah!! These are the people who usually don’t care about you, but they keep judging you in every step you take for your child. New age mommies are not really dependent these days to follow the old age traditions, and they prefer to follow what the doc says or what other moms tell them. While there are some who follow their conscience when it comes to taking care of their kids. You don’t always have to follow the herd and do what they do.

I see lot of moms worrying about how their child is a fussy eater and they try new recipes every day. When I listen to their concerns, I feel guilty and I feel, “Am I the only one who doesn’t care about what my little one eats and try to fit her in the food that we eat daily?” On the hindsight, I feel this has become a fashion lately; partly it’s our mistake that the kid becomes fussy eater.

I have seen people preparing, like, 4 to 5 items for the baby for breakfast lunch and dinner, so they can pick whatever they like. This makes them choosy and when you go to places where you can’t really give them so many options they becomes fussy and refuse to eat at all.

When I asked my doc what I should give her, she said try to give whatever you eat rather than trying different things and so I tried feeding her daal, rice, and roti etc., the simplest food that we eat daily. But sometimes I feel out of place when all the mommies discuss plethora of recipes for their babies and their diet plan for them. And then I try to make one of the many recipes, sometimes she eats it and sometimes she doesn’t.

Then you have those snarky moms, who give you a look of a lifetime and you yourself will feel guilty of keeping your child starving. I just hate it. When my daughter started taking semi-solids, every day I gave her different food, to develop her taste buds, but in the later months, meal time should be family time and keeping that in mind, I gave her the regular feeds, and now she seems to be absorbing the lifestyle and that’s why she isn’t a fussy eater. Yes sometimes, she does give me hard time, but I guess no kids are perfect and obedient and they fuss around a lot.

So all the mommies out there please don’t judge others by the way you feed your baby. We know what we are doing for our baby is right and just because we don’t give them choices, doesn’t mean we are not a perfect mom.

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