Bullying: Does it have an age?
|   Mar 17, 2016
Bullying: Does it have an age?

I have been hearing a lot about this word “bully” in the recent past, but never really thought it is going to affect my life directly or indirectly. I wonder does bullying have an age as such. My daughter is being bullied right from the age of 1 year or even less I guess and with the kids younger as well as older than her and she, being so accommodative, never really complaints about or cries when being bullied. Should I be happy that she understands and doesn’t react to the other kids’ behaviour or shall I be sad that doesn’t she react? Weird, but every time she is being pushed by the other kid or her hair is being pulled, she just gives me a helpless look, as if saying “Mom do something.” And I feel so helpless too. Not being able to do anything. And when I come home, I find myself guilty of not being able to help her. She is too small a kid now, but later, what if she comes to me and blames me for the reason of bully in school and play areas? Saying, “had you have fought for me, I would have learnt to fight back too” The thought itself haunts me.

But on the hindsight, I sure have to help her fight against bully. Then I did some research on why kids bully at the first place.

1.       Insecurity: The foremost reason could be insecurity. When your kid is being compared again and again with the other kids, a sort of insecurity builds in their mind and just to cover it he/she starts bullying the other kids.

2.       Jealousy: Another name of insecurity, but going beyond that. This doesn’t have an age as such, they can be jealous of anything.

3.       Spoilt brat: When a kid is pampered too much, and they just can’t stand the view of your parents giving your toys to other kid, they try to snatch it and they try to push you and do whatever possible to keep the other kid away from your stuff.


The reasons could be many, but standing against bully makes the kids strong. And I have decided, I will stand against it and help my kid fight it. 

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