Teach your kids to share
|   Aug 04, 2016
Teach your kids to share

In today’s day and age where both the husband and wife are working, it becomes difficult to actually raise more than one kid and so it has become a trend lately to have just one kid. But on the hindsight, is this rational excuse? Not really. Reasons could be many, but the primary one being too busy to think about having a kid so early and when it’s time to think about it, it’s too late to have more than one child. Having said that, having a sibling is a blessing in disguise and there are many reasons to it. Let me share a story to prove my point.

The other day I went to a friend’s house. She has a son and he is 3 years old, my daughter is 2. So initially they pulled up really well. Running around and playing. Later her son started fighting with my daughter. When asked, he told he doesn’t want to share his toys. Now that’s quite common, every kid has some possessiveness towards their toys, SO we can’t really blame them. His mother looked at me apologetically. Anyways, after sometime I left their house. But one thing I noticed about my daughter who quite amused me is that, every time, he would shout or scream, she would calmly go over and give him his toy without crying or fighting back, like a matured kid. I felt really proud.

After few days, I invited the same friend to my house. Again, same scenario, they were playing and I would notice that my daughter would bring all her toys and share it with him, and he would snatch every toy from her hand too. His mom tried to explain him, “Beta! These are her toys and she is sharing with you, so you should also share”. But boys being boys, he would not give up. My daughter in the meanwhile would wait and try to play with the toys once he is done playing. By this time, my chest rose with pride. I would always tell her that you should share your toys with your friends, but never really thought she would follow what I said, coz she is too small to comprehend. But her actions did speak louder.

I reminisce as a kid, we being three siblings, everything was shared among us and that is one reason sharing came to us from a very early age. Even a small chocolate was equally divided and shared, no bias whatsoever. Playing together, fighting and then patching up, it was all part and parcel of our relationship. My parents would never get involved even if we go and complain them, they would leave it to us to sort things out and we would patch up eventually. SO the beauty of the relationship is sharing, helping each other, sharing the darkest of secret, and understanding each other. But with kids these days, we can’t expect all these things. So at least we can imbibe some values in them which our parents have passed on to us. And I felt proud that I have imbibed those values in her which, watching her follow makes me proud as a mother.

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