There’s an Aquarium of lovely fishes within our minds. Our mind reacts differently like the cute little fishes.
|   Dec 02, 2016
There’s an Aquarium of lovely fishes within our minds. Our mind reacts differently like the cute little fishes.

After a busy two day workshop, I had some time to visit the Sentosa Island in Singapore. However with just three hours left to get back to the airport, and with my baggage, I decided to see at least one attraction fully. SEA – The largest Aquarium in Singapore. This was one on the top list that I wanted to see and I was fortunate to make it within the tight schedule I already had.

The lady at the ticket counter asked me, “Ma’am, do you have a Master card? You would get a 5 S$ discount with it!”. “No, I only have a visa card”, I said. Getting the ticket, I entered the waiting area to see a big crowd standing in the queue. Newly weds were engrossed in selfies, toddlers were giggling and playing around, young moms and dads were running around their mischievous kids, older couple were compassionately talking to each other with a lovely smile. I was enjoying my sole partnership.

As I entered the Aquarium, I sighted a huge school of tiny fishes. I closely observed the expressions of the fishes. They carried the vibrant energy within them, just like the toddlers I saw outside. My mind could imagine they sing “Here we go, there we go, jump around, play around – we’re the little friends, we’re the little friends!” With a smile, I moved.

I saw a bright yellow fish swimming on a fast pace. He was too fast to be captured by a click. I tried and tried but could not succeed fully. He was as quick as lightning. I imagined the situation of a young mother handling a little one and getting tired finally. I gave up!

I could now see a beautiful pink fish with double colored purple fins. I also saw an ocean blue colored fish moving around quite closer to her. Probably they were wooing, my mind smiled! “Baby, I love you!” did it say? As I watched them closely, I noticed the pink fish slapped him with her caudal fin. Did it say “Enough! Don’t disturb me?” My smile was turning into a laughter by now and I moved on.

This time it was a group of bigger fishes. I noticed something peculiar about these fishes. I saw many of them were swimming with their mouths widely open. Some were even quickly widening and closing their mouths continually. To me it did appear like the gossip of women! “Hey, did you watch his arrogance?” “Yes, he just cannot mind his own business!” Was this that they were discussing?

Or maybe they are couple fishes having an argument, my second mind told! “You just don’t care about me! All you need is friends and work! There is no necessity to live together!” maybe she screamed in depression. “I’m just too busy to discuss this. Will you stop it now?” might be he responded. Sometimes gossiping is better than fighting. Let them be gossipers, I told myself!

There was a large fish, as large as 2 feet long. She was just lying on the Open Ocean bed and appeared very sad. “Oh! I just had a worst day at office. I did my best but my appraisal was worst! My team just betrayed me.” Was this that she seemed to worry about? I could see a few tiny fishes hesitantly approaching her a few times. They quickly swam across her without touching her. They repeated this over and over again and each time they progressed towards her. Finally they touched her a couple of times. This time they even tried hitting her hard with their fins. In the beginning, what they feared about seemed to be something they started enjoying. “Hey, you coward. We wanted to pull you down and make you sad and here we succeed! You dumb head, you’re no more strong” did they giggle watching her sad. As my mind was closely reflecting this scene, there she arose upwards with a strong pull and the tiny fishes vanished. “When your mind pulls you down towards negativity, you seem extremely dull. Even the weak people giggle at you and try to turn you down. But once you rise over your negativity, no barrier can stop you! So just arise and awake! Stay strong”. This was what her mind must have instructed her. There she is, back to her form! “Well done my dear!” my mind voice told.

A silver colored fish seemed to be extremely happy. He was making round movements and jumped deep to the Aquarium bed to hit the sand bed with his head and rose to the top. He repeated this many times and it seemed that he was enjoying his vacation. A few yards away, I could see a school of fishes doing this together. “Hush ah – Bush ah – All fall down!” Was this what they were doing? Or were they diving into the Goan adventure? My mind was energized.

A large fish was widely opening her mouth to capture all tiny fishes. “OMG! Was she eating the poor little ones?” my mind yelled. There I read the details that this fish swallows her little babies whenever she encountered a danger may come upon them. The information panel also mentioned that she would release them once situation seemed better. Furthermore, the panel mentioned “If a little one is lost from its school and is in danger, a mother of another school of fishes cares for this left out one and saves it too!”. My mind said “What a wonder by nature! Motherly love – in all creations! Hats off!” I was moved to watch this.

A larger fish was moving slowly, extremely slowly. She seemed to move down and lied for a while and then swam again. “I’m just too tired. Let me rest for a while and continue. But I’d not like to completely rest. I will try to keep myself active!” was this the mind voice of the old fish? Is she too old? Maybe – but the motivation that keeps her active was something worth appreciating, I thought to myself.

There was a touch pool and guests were welcome to touch and feel the smaller fishes. The touch pool hosted a few star fishes, snails, shells, and sea cucumbers. A bit reluctant to touch them at first, I was calmly watching them. The hostess warmly smiled and told me “Ma’am, they wouldn’t harm you. They are used to gentle touch. You may touch and feel them”. I first touched the star fish. With an imagination that it may have a softer complexion, I was surprised that it was really hard to touch. A pale red Sea cucumber was next. This had few grooves all over its body and “this must be rough to touch” I told myself. I was wrong again. This was much tender and spongy! I got reminded of the famous words by Sir Winston Churchill “Appearances are often deceptive!”. “How great of this man to have cleverly predicted this long ago. A great spokesman!”.

A huge octopus was lying in a relaxed fashion and my mind could picturize the Cricket that played guitar during summer! A diver was cleaning the Aquarium bed and feeding the fishes. A huge number of fishes fondly caressed him all over and ate the food. He then moved closer to the Octopus and there she arose trying to keep her head high. This was the first time that I saw the head moving upwards. The diver cuddled her and as quick as my little pug, Cherry, she lay on the sand bed fondly looking for a belly rub. When the diver removed his hand from her, she threw her arms around him and it seemed she wanted to be cuddled more. I did not imagine that fishes could understand people and express their love too.

I walked around to see the glowing Jelly fishes. They were moving around in circles. Appeared to be a walk with friends. “Must be fun to hang out with friends!” I thought. In contrast, I saw a single fish wandering around circling and moving round the corners. She seemed to enjoy her own company. “There are lot of groups of fishes I see daily. I’d wave a hi and bye at them with a warm smile and energy. But then I enjoy my sole company. You can be your only best friend!” she seemed to be just like me! “Of course, solitude is a bliss. Come what may but I enjoy being myself!” I smiled.

“Hey there’s just two hours for your flight” – my mind yelled. I quickly gazed at the lovely fishes around me, warmly smiled and bid goodbye. As usual a million thoughts were passing my mind. Each creature has an expression which we fail to notice. We keep boasting of the sixth sense of Humans but every creature has got it’s real sense! Each of our daily lives could be reflected in every creature! There’s an Aquarium of lovely fishes within our minds. Our mind reacts differently like the cute little fishes. Understanding this is the law of nature and not to dwell in extreme happiness or sadness is the truth we must notice. With many thought to further ponder upon, I boarded the flight! It was indeed a lovely experience and a new dimension of thought, I felt.

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