Such a beauty in smart cooking
|   May 24, 2016
Such a beauty in smart cooking

My beautiful, soon to be 8 daughter, loves food. But!!! just does not eat anything I cook. No doubt the colour, aroma, texture, mouth 'feel' matters for her to peacefully eat. The readymade outside food is so yummy for her. That's my challenge, to make her eat healthy food without it not loosing its nutritional values.From past one year my daughter is impressed with my cooking skills. Nothing makes me happy than seeing her relish the healthy food I make for her.  But that doesn't mean I'm in the kitchen for hours. Little bit of preplanning and little bit of creative cooking will help a lot. There is nothing wrong to organise the list of recipes to cook for the month. I do that and my daughter sometimes chooses from the list. If not the same day I cook it the next day. It's fun to comeup with innovating ways of cooking and serving. There is no compulsion that we should serve fresh coconut chutney only with idli or dosa. I serve it with palak roti too. Just knead the dough with palak paste and some masala's to make the roti. Sometimes I make a yummy roll with palak roti. She loves it. I also made tri-colour roti's on republic day and independence day. Palak roti, tomato roti and plain phulkas. How about tri-colour rice... Its yummy too.Thank god my daughter likes to eat beetroot raita. She loves pink. I finely grate the beetroot then add some salt, jeera, chat masala and curd. Thats how I started serving one raw sabzi everyday. Be it carrot, beetroot or cucumber. I either make it a raita or add dal tadka to the grated veggies. And wallahhh she eats it happily.

Being a south indian, so no doubt I know a lot of rice based recipes. Little over cooked rice, when mashed and mixed well with some milk, water, curd and salt... gives a divine taste of curd rice that melts in your mouth and cools your tummy. Now, what if we serve a dry/sookhi sabzi with it... Oh wow, my daughter will eat any sabzi with curd rice. 

  There is lot more to add... Paratha's, trying international cusine at home and many more.

I will keep writing... and share my joy and happiness. 

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