Crossing the Finish Line...
|   Apr 23, 2017
Crossing the Finish Line...

Recently, one of my friends lost her father due to cancer...When I called her up to express my condolences, I was quite moved when she told me that during the last few moments, her father was unable to speak what he wanted to, but with his eyes he expressed that he loved her dearly and blessed her. She was also at a loss of words seeing her father slowly inching towards death, but she somehow managed to tell him that she was proud of the way he had brought her up and also apologized for anything that she would have done in the past knowingly or unknowingly that would have hurt him. Then after a few minutes he was no more...

When she was narrating this to me, both of us were in we understood that this is a loss which can never be compensated.

Last night when my one and a half year old daughter hugged me and leaned on my shoulder to go to sleep, I felt deep love for her which I am unable to describe in words...And then it crossed my mind that one day I shall be gone...I would never be able to see the innocent face of my baby again. This thought made me fear death but since it is the eternal truth, my only wish is that whenever my time comes to "Cross the Finish Line", I should do that while holding the hand of my baby. 

Today, when she is learning to walk, I hold her hand tightly so that she does not falls...Similarly, having her hand in mine when I  start my journey to the final destination will make it a bit easier...I want to keep looking at my most beautiful creation until I close my eyes forever and bless her to have an enriching life ahead.

I don't know if my wish would come true or not...but what's wrong with making a wish!

P.S. - I want to have a happy and healthy life, grow old and play with my grandchildren! :-)

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