My Fault or Fate
|   Apr 12, 2017
My Fault or Fate

Shreya was really excited to reach Darjeling. She had been imagining the trip from weeks. Plans she made were going to be implemented now. All she could see was rainbows everywhere.

After checking into the guest house, she hurried to the window to find an an amazingly breathtaking view awaiting her admiration. It had been long since her last vacation. Being a mother has its own ways of keeping mums grounded for days. She was thankful to Rajat for this exotic break.

"I am going out to get some food. Till then please finish unpacking and freshen up." Rajat called over his shoulder closing the door behind him.

Shreya looked at Neelima, her beloved daughter who seemed to be enjoying herself. She quickly finished unpacking. Her one eye was constantly on Neelima. She was over concerned for her as always.

She could see Neelima yawning. Soon the baby was fast asleep in mum's lap. A mother's lap is the safest place for a child. No one would have ever doubted that!

Shreya being tired, was fast asleep with baby sleeping in her lap. Half an hour passed and both mum daughter were sleeping sound until Shreya heard the door bell. She woke up with a jolt. Neelima was not there in her lap. Shreya looked around the bed and found Neelima hanging on the edge. She rushed to catch hold of her. Brought her to her face and kissed her thousands of times.

The doorbell rang again. Shreya opened the door, it was Rajat.

"Kya yaar, tum abhi tak ready nahin ho!" Rajat was lil irritated to see her sleepy. They were expecting someone for dinner.

"I will be done in 10 minutes dear." Shreya said.

Her heart was still skipping few beats. What if? No! I don't even want to think!

A mother is a mother and a human. No mother is perfect. She tries to give the best to her children and one should never judge her. Things happen because they are destined to. Its a lesson for every mother to be extra careful because if luck doesn't favour you, nobody will!

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