Who I am- The reason of my existence!
|   Oct 28, 2016
Who I am- The reason of my existence!

Who I am? I am sure everyone must have asked this question to themselves. And the answer is a parent to someone, child to the other, spouse to my better half and sibling to some, a friend to few and an enemy to more!

Who I am? When I think again, all I receive is an emptiness. A void beyond, a hollow space. On the road to fulfilling my duties, my own self left me a while ago. My hobbies, my wants, what I actually want, has taken a backseat.

That makes me think twice, "why do I exist?" Why did God send me to this planet? Just to be born and take my place in heavenly abode someday? He must have surely sent me for some reason.

Wasting my life over futile things, craving for materials and cringing over how someone else judged me? What the society will think if I do as my heart says? I need to watch my limits!

I was born to be me, myself and if I let myself get lost somewhere in the midst of my daily routine, I am a murderer!

Just as this thought came to my mind, I leapt up and took out a diary. Wrote 10 things to do I wanted to do in next 2 months.

And there you go, my life now revolves around how I achieve my utmost happiness and just trying to do that has brought more endurance and confidence.

We mommies who create new lives, deserve better. Just do what you want. Do what makes you happy! Smile more, be a reason to some's smile. Be a girl you were before you were married.

The Carefree bird who could soar as high as the sky! Could achieve all she wanted and she needed no one to make her feel happy and Complete.

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