Survival of the Fittest
|   Sep 01, 2016
Survival of the Fittest

Though Charles Darwin introduced the theory of Survival of the fittest, human beings especially parents of today's generation have taken it too seriously. There was a time (during our father and grandfather) when everyone used to live a simple life. Now the world has become a global village and English, the medium for communication. India is headed towards another level of discrimination among people, i.e., English speaking and non -English speaking people.

We see nowadays parents want their children to speak in English rather than in their own native Language. Hindi, being our mother tongue has no space in our so called modern society. People who are hesitant and are not comfortable to speak in the so called ‘elite’ language are looked down upon; even ashamed at times.

The question is - what are we doing to our children and society at large? Again stereotyping people?

It's an urgent need that parents should guide their children to learn and respect all languages. They should inculcate in them our roots- the value of our own language: Sanskrit and Hindi rather than just telling them to learn a foreign language and get a lucrative job.

I would like to add an instance here. I go to these tutorial classes everyday and see children of all grades. Some belong to a well to do family and others of struggling parents. Be it any, they all come up with only one thing - that they want their child to be the best. They even pay huge amounts of money just to make their child a fluent ‘English’ speaker and writer.

What are we doing to the minds of these new learners? Aren't we digressing their mind and natural sense of learning? It is sad that everyone is in the same rat race- Survival of the fittest!

What parents teach their children is that if they won't learn English, they won't be able to survive in society. But I question that by simply learning and speaking in English can we survive well?

It's the need of the hour that we the people of India should sow our seeds right, i.e., grow our children in such a way that they should be proud of our language which is so intense and rich. I wish to see children of our country taking pride in speaking their native languages also rather than just motivating them to learn a foreign language!

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