Being a mother is like heaven with sweet pain
|   May 18, 2016
Being a mother is like heaven with sweet pain

I loved seeing articles about new moms and i am really excited to share mine. When my hubby told me to start a family after marriage i was like oh my god.How can i bear such pain(that time i was really afraid of needle and blood).what abt my career.When my elder sister was got pregnant and when we met she shared about her pregnancy related experience all of sudden i feel like i want this experience.But luckly after 1 month i got pregnant. When my doc gave me due date  23rd september 2014. That year me and my hubby's bday was on same day.Simply i saw the calender and thought can i hav my baby on tht day. When my doc told me it cant be normal delivery and it must me csection i was really happy after listening this. In my 34th weeks suddenly i cant feel movement of my baby i rushed to my doc.she told me we will operate in august.i was really upset and i told her pls do a ultrasound then decide i was not prepared for c section and date also not suits my child. After ultrasound they found baby is underweight so she postponded and went for a conference.On my bday my hubby brought a cake for me and we celebrated suddenly i felt something like menustrual cramps.i told my mother and i called my doc who was out .She send me to her junior and got news tht my cervix opened and due to some complication i cant go for normal delivery.She immidiately arrange csection . When everything was going on and everyone is terrified abt my c section i was really calm (i dont know why may be due to csection fear). My mom told me not to be afraid i was really scared and i was thinking abt the pain . Suddenly i feel my baby who is moving and my fear was gone.i climb 2 floor of building and went to ot room and sleep on the operation table myself. Within 10 min i got the news of my baby boy born on the day when his mom dad and lord krishna was born. Doctor told me  u name him krishna i only told him thank u sir thank u very much. That day i was born again in a mother form. I know it felt great being a mother and u can forget any pain and problems when u see ur baby'smile.

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