#To my BFF: From your soul sister
|   Nov 14, 2016
#To my BFF: From your soul sister

Dear Childhood friend,

 I found your 10th Grade maths Tuition paper in my house while cleaning for Diwali preparation. You had given me for hiding so that your father doesn’t find out that you got 15 out of 50. And I promise he will never know because I will keep it forever and ever.

 Our Friendship has changed from playing stapoo all evening now just meeting each other for parties once in a while. When I look back, I see we have come a long way and our bond is strengthening by each passing day. Even the psychologists say that if a friendship survives for long seven years, then it will last forever. But in our friendship we have never seen downs. Because we met at such age when we even didn’t know the meaning of friendship… not even the spelling of it..:P  There weren’t, aren’t and will never be any conditions in our friendship. So I can just see memories of laughter scattered along our path.

 Today morning (!4th November-Children day) , when I opened my FB, I could just see old pictures and long posts about childhood memories all over on it. And when I started wondering about my childhood, I felt nostalgic. Without you, I cannot  imagine my childhood. So this is for you my soul sister. From sharing Guruchela, Aladdin Ka khajana to glasses of wine 22 years later… Gosh…Long time…Indeed..!!

 Rec@lling all the moments

I was 5 when I first met you. We shifted to new house next to yours. We used to go daily in each other houses to play but never thought that we will become BFF.

 At 7, I became your friend the moment your mother said that you are not her friend, you are my second daughter.

At 8, we together learned “OM BHUVA SAVHA” Gayantri mantra in mandir & thus we grew together as good humans (Probably…:P)

At 10, you saw me crying when I got a bad grade. You just sat with me until I was okay.

At 14, everybody knew about our friendship in our area. We shared each and everything. We even had a same hairstyle.

At 16, when we entered the age of so called Teen’s we started sharing our top secrets like crushes and all…:P

At 18, when I shifted to my new home, I still remember you banned me for a day and asked me not to meet you when I was about to leave from where we grew up…


My complete family knows you the best. “Oh how is she?” they ask every time I mention about you. My father, like any father, doesn’t know my friends by their names, but your name he would never forget. He still says to me that I will marry you both in the same house. Actually we have grown up with this notion only..

Am I right?

 Today we live different lives, with new friends and careers. But every time I see you I go back to my childhood. I stop being conscious and cautious. And my stash of secrets opens up and out fall the new ones, one by one. You are the most amazing person on this planet and my bestest friend I ever had.

 Let’s raise our post-game glasses of Rasna to all the growing up we did together. It would have never been so good without you!



 Dated forver...!!




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