Tackling Fuzzy and Picky eating habits ....
|   Jan 14, 2017
Tackling Fuzzy and Picky eating habits ....

Most common food grievance amongst mommies is on how choosy the kids are with their food habits. Many kids today seem to have limited likings and are not very open to experiment flavors at home. The foods usually popular among them are low in their nutrition value.

When my daughter, Disha was 4 years old , I was working in Jakarta, with not much time left to cook. I used to instruct my cook on a set timetable of food for her school and home so that she would eat without much fuzz. On weekends, I used to take her to restaurants. A year later, my Parent -in-laws from Jodhpur came to stay with us.

Awww! I could see variety of food being cooked every single day ranging in myriad flavors -sweet, tangy, spicy, sour, peppery.... and I was initially upset on the futility of so much cooking and thought I would have to cook separately for my child as she wouldn't eat any of these and she didn't !

A month passed by, and I could see Disha happily eating all the home cooked sweets, curries, Aamras, Halwa etc made by my Mom in law. Fuzzy and forceful eating was replaced by happy and relishing dining experience. One day, she even demanded her granny to cook her new found favoutire ki Sabzi! I was dumbfounded at this sea change in such a short span!!

It suddenly hit me that I was the one limiting her tastebuds by not exposing her to varieties of dishes. Also, my parent in laws always had food together with Disha which made it a happy family time for her. I then pondered on how it all started and developed. Let us accept that food habits are essentially developed at home and at a very young age. If the child is exposed only to limited repetitive foods in the growing years, it will not have the flexibility and capacity to try out and adapt to new cuisines. Healthy eating begins at home....

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