Review - Taj Holiday Village, Goa
|   May 05, 2015
Review - Taj Holiday Village, Goa

Luxury at its best!

Taj Holiday Village, Goa offered a fun loving and a fantastic vacation for my family. Anya was just 1.5 years old, had just started walking and in general was driving me nuts! It was thus, an opportune time for us to visit the land of sea breezes and coconut water!

Our stay there was quite structured. Early morning, we husband and wife would sneak out to the verandah for a peaceful cup of tea (and an almost nil conversation) and soak in the greenness of the environment. The spectacular view of the Arabian sea from our room served to calm us beyond measure-almost as if time itself was taking a break!

Once our milady would be up, we would take her to the beach for a long walk. It was fascinating to watch my young girl spellbound at the sheer majesty of the blue waters. The sea shells, the small cute crabs and the welcoming waves kept her immensely occupied. We would make sandcastles, scribble on the sand and basically get dirty and very very happy!

Once back, we would pounce on the lavish buffet as if it were the Last Supper! Spread over a multitude of cuisines, it made up for all the laukis and bhindis my kiddo had eaten over the past 6 to  8 months! With our tummies full, we would sit in the cart and head back to the room for a quick nahau nahau-only to race back to the swimming pool! Her first encounter with a swimming pool was a treat to watch! Scared and yet intrigued! Using her Dad as the float, she would traverse up and down the pool, giggling with ecstasy and joy!


Once done with a  short nap, we would go on a bike ride to a nearby beach. Hair flying in the wind, eyes twinkling and a curvy goofy smile on her face! Her first ever bike ride-Another milestone achieved!

Back again, we would trudge to the activity room, playing with toys and reading books. It also helped having other kids around. The art and craft support staff was terrific –took real interest in my child!After a long drawn dinner we would head back to the room and jump on the bed(not me !!)Soon after, sleep would over take us.

Yes , a vacation like this reminds you that there is nothing more imp than spending quality time  with your child-A must do for all parents with tiny tots!

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