Happiness is By Choice not By Chance (An Anonymous Strong Woman Shares Her Story)
|   Sep 21, 2016
Happiness is By Choice not By Chance (An Anonymous Strong Woman Shares Her Story)

We Usually Crib about petty things that we do not have in our everyday life. The story of this anonymous lady is definitely an eye opener. 

It’s been 3 years 8 months since my daughter was born. It’s been an uphill journey since then for us. I got separated when my baby was just 1 year 5 months old & got divorced within 6 months. My daughter & I stay in a rented flat. I have been struggling to get back on my feet since then. I work from home, taking up independent projects of social media marketing so that I can give time to my baby.

Money has been tight, I know it’s gonna take time to reach my goal, but I also know I will make it with my daughter beside me. I have spent sleepless nights working, stressful days worrying about money. I needed a break. I needed a vacation. But we don’t have enough money to go for an extravagant holiday. September 2015 came, & I checked the calendar. My daughter had 5 days school holiday for Ganpati Celebration & my 30th birthday was right in the middle of it, on a weekend. I decided, money or no money, I’m taking a vacation, we are taking a vacation. I informed my clients & went off duty for 5 days.

We spent 5 glorious days getting up late, eating whatever we wanted whenever we wanted, watching endless animation movies, listening to music, driving around aimlessly, eating birthday cake for dinner, playing Jenga & Hide and Seek, reading story books, watching funny You tube videos, taking silly selfies. My daughter & I spent an amazing vacation, in our apartment, in the very house where I spend my days & nights working & stressing. We transformed our home into a resort for 5 days & had a long due, well deserved vacation. One might be rich or poor or barely making it. Taking a break, having a vacation doesn’t require money. All it takes is one’s own state of mind.

So, all of you out there, what do you think? Are exotic vacations really needed to enjoy. Let's get set for a vacation today. 

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