Honey, We had Sex and Now it’s Over
|   Nov 29, 2016
Honey, We had Sex and Now it’s Over

Look dear, I am just back from the office, I am so tired. I work whole day so hard for you guys only. Taking care of our son is your responsibility. Please do not disturb me. Vijay yelled at his wife. His wife just wanted him to play and interact with their 3 year old son who was waiting for the whole day for his dad to come from the office and play with him. But is the responsibility of a male is restricted to and is fulfilled once he impregnates his wife. Is it really over after that?

This is a common scene in most of the households. But the truth is it takes both mother and the father to bring up a physically healthy and emotionally sound child. What a mother does for a child is evident to us but not many people understand that a role of father too is very large in the well being of a child right from the beginning and up to the teenage days and even beyond that.

Let’s evaluate

Dads do matter

Fathers play a very important role in well being, health and general behavior of a child in his early years. They are like role models for their kids. A baby boy gets positive gender role characteristics from his dad who he considers as his positive male role model. While a girl tend to relate and develop positive opinions for the opposite gender when she has a father who is involved with in her day to day upbringing.  

Are dads the second class citizen in a child’s world?

Certainly not! There is a lot of hullabaloo when it is mother’s day but the father’s day come and goes silently with just few mentions here and there. Thanks to social media, that it has succeeded in at least spreading the word about this day. Children’s magazines, T.V. shows and books are filled with the importance of a mother in a child’s life but no one talks about much about father.

The social barrier

Fathers who want to get actively involved with their kids have to face the burnt from their employers. They too think that when mothers are there to take care then what is the need to fathers to stay back at home, they must come to their work place. Very few multinational companies in our country offer paternity leaves to their employees.

Sometimes the mommies feel challenged or threatened when child yarns for “daddy” instead for the “mommy”. They instantly start feeling that they are not taking a proper care of the baby and hence this.

It is a common practice that in laws feel offended when a dad is involved as much as a mother in taking care of his kid. They think that it is NOT AT ALL the responsibility of their “son” to take care of his baby rather it is an unwanted burden for him.

What a child has to say?

 When I ask my kid, “who do you love more? Mum or dad?” He says “both”.  A child needs both his parents. He needs his dad as much as he needs his mum. Children who are raised with active involvement of both the parents are more likely to have a strong inner core resource, strong self- esteem, good sense of authenticity and general well being, strong academic inclinations and most important, a happy life.

So, next time you see a father and a kid duo appreciate them and encourage them.

Let’s bring up our kids into happy human beings. :)


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