My Life is Nothing without You- A Heart Touching Story
|   Aug 19, 2016
My Life is Nothing without You- A Heart Touching Story

Here it goes. Last week had a great fight with my husband. At last we decided to end our relationship. Even finalized a lawyer.six years of marriage life became meaningless at that moment. Arguments, pain, mental pressure, tears, sleepless nights, no smiles, no Good morning and Good nights, no sharing of words, no Diwali wishes, we celebrated Diwali only Sake of our kids, I could feel deep pain in my mind which I never ever experienced in these 31 years of my life.

I am a movie freak, love to watch films in theater. Since I had my first kid I didn’t go to theater, its been 5 years. When I was so much stressed with these issues with my husband, my friend called me and said there’s a movie ticket for Kamal movie “thoongavanam”, would you like to go? I agreed and went to distress myself. During interval they delivered my favorite food though I did not order anything. When asked they said my friend’s name.

I came back after the movie. My husband didn’t ask a word where I went and didn’t even look at my face. Night were sleepless again.

The next day another friend called me and said there a ticket for Ajith film “vedhalam”(Tamil movie) because she knew I am a fan of Ajith..this time also I went to the picture.After half an hour they gave me a delicious orange juice which I love most.They said the order was made in my friend’s name.

After one hour they delivered bouquet of three red roses with words “I love you dear”. Aaaaaaa…its from my husband. I was totally speechless. After ten minutes I received messages from both my friends saying that the gold class tickets for both movies and my favorite foods were all from my husband. oh my god, can’t believe this.Tears rolling over my cheeks. I called him up immediately but there was no response and only a message “in a meeting, will come late today. call you soon “. After half an hour there came another surprise ” a diamond ring ” and a greeting card bearing words ” Dear, I don’t want to miss you in any point in my life. You are precious to me. Please don’t leave me. Sorry for everything”.

I started crying. Everyone around me were looking at me.just can’t

control my self. That moment .I can’t describe it in words. Only tears with a smile. I sent him a message ” very sorry dear. I will never ever hurt you again”. No response from him. After the film when I came out of the theater, he was standing there waiting for me. He didn’t go to office.Waiting for me outside.When he saw me I could see his watery eyes. Literally we wanted to hug each other tightly and kiss. But couldn’t as it is a mall. I whispered in ears ” My life is nothing without You”.

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