Feeling Beautiful Always
|   May 11, 2017
Feeling Beautiful Always

Motherhood is bliss. Yes, indeed it is. And for a first-time mommy like me, the feeling is even more heavenly. With the birth of your child, everything around you changes and more importantly you change too. It is rightly said that with every child a mother is born. I was no exception and started to flow in the beautiful sea of motherhood. My focus, my priority and my thoughts, everything only reflected and was centered on my little angel.

The journey wasn’t easy. There were days when I was high on energy and was extremely happy but on few days my moods hit rock bottom. I was battling with so many things at the same time from the stress of being a first-time mom to mood swings. I was elated to be with my new born but at the same time while managing the little one I was feeling bogged down. Also, from a full-time working woman I chose to become a stay-at -home mom. Personally and professionally there was a sea of change.

In between all this stress and anxiety whether I will be a good mommy to my baby or whether I am taking care of my baby, I started neglecting myself. I was feeling exhausted and was unfamiliar with my own body after birth. Though gradually I was getting comfortable in the skin of a new mom, but deep down I wasn’t feeling happy the way I used to be. The excitement, the feeling of being young and the urge of doing anything that my heart wished for was slowly diminishing. Somewhere maybe I was losing my confidence, energy and the zest for life. This is where I realized that maybe I need a break. I was taking things too hard on myself and it was time to slow down. Oh, to my own surprise I started thinking that maybe age is a factor and all women across the globe face similar issues. What a fool I was to think so.

Age is nothing but a number. It’s all in the mind. To feel young, happy, enthusiastic you need not be young by age, but young in mind and spirit. All I needed to do was to take a deep breath, relax and take care of myself. I realized a happier and young I resulted in an active and happy child. I had to work on reversing ageing. I told myself that it is time to break the stereotype and not think that only certain things are meant for certain age.

What is more important is to have a positive and optimist outlook in life. It was time to take care of my skin and body which felt dead otherwise. My skin was losing its glow and shine and I was looking for something that would not only nourish my skin but at the same time echo my feelings of being young. I wanted a product that could do reverse ageing. It should replenish the lost nutrient due to stress and anxiety and nourish the skin from within bringing back the youthful glow. This is when I found about Lotus Herbals YouthRx, natural anti-ageing range. It rejuvenates my skin, penetrates the inner most layers leaving my skin looking younger. I can see a stark difference with my skin regaining its lost glow and made it look firmer. It works magic on my skin and makes me feel refreshed. I feel energized, young and positive towards everything I do. It has naturally increased the skin renewal process making me look better. I feel beautiful from within.

With this attitude, I was feeling happier and empowered to do anything that I wished for. Healthier skin is leading to a healthy body and mind. Motherhood is undoubtedly the best phase of my life. It has given me immense joy and happiness that words cannot express. But it can be overwhelming on some days making you feel stressed, depressed etc. It is essential for our own and baby’s well-being that we take care of ourselves. Don’t let age bog you down. Fight against age and be confident about yourself and be a happy and a young mother. Only healthy, happy mothers can create healthy, happy babies.


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