An urge to itch ! Journey to attain meditative state..
|   Feb 17, 2017
An urge to itch ! Journey to attain meditative state..

I had been reading a lot on meditation from last few years but never got enthused with an idea to try it out. After all being a mother gave me all the more reasons to justify and convince myself that I barely get any time to sleep , where is the time left for meditation? But one night, when the sleep was ditching me for quite a long time, the thought of meditation came over. I recalled reading somewhere that meditation helps us in getting better and sound sleep. So that is when I decided to give it a try.

I recalled an article which explained how to reach to a meditative state. The process is to focus on your breathe, inhale and exhale mindfully,calm down all your thoughts till you reach a state of zero thought, gradually you will realize that you are breathing in rhythm and your body would feel lighter and lighter, as if you are floating in that rhythm. Once you are in that state, you will lose the consciousness of your body and surroundings and you will will feel that you are a life lifeless object floating in the rhythmic flow of water . 

Ah! that was pretty simple I thought and I started breathing mindfully. After a second or two, a strand of hair comes over my face and starts disturbing, indignantly I put it back and wonder why the culprit never comes over my face naturally like this while taking a selfie. Anyways I continue focusing over my breathe, again a minute passes by, and now I feel an urge to itch my back, I try to avoid the need to itch and continue to focus but could not refrain myself for long. Okay fine! I mutter in anger and itch my back realizing that if I don't do that it will keep disturbing me. Back again to focusing on breathe and the story repeats, now an urge to itch my feet, this continues for a while and finally alarm to wakes up beeps, neither I got sleep nor could I meditate.I get back to my daily chores of responsibilities taking a vow that I will not give up on meditation so easily.

I started reading more and more on it during day and practicing the same during night. One of the article I came across was quite helpful, it explained that it is natural to get all sorts of distractions when you're initially starting with this exercise. Do not refrain yourself from responding to an urge to itch, it only means you are becoming more mindful about your body. You may get many distracting thoughts, acknowledge it, and let it pass, do not get indulge in it. Sometimes you may end up thinking over a thought that may come across your mind, do  not be hard on yourself for falling off the track. The moment you realize that you have gotten yourself indulged in thoughts, just hold on, just become mindful of it and let it go.While the idea sounded easy, I knew it would require a lot of patience and practice. 

And one fine day, it happened with me, I started focusing on breathe, allowing each thought that crossed my mind to pass by, and in no time I could feel the rhythm, my body floating in that rhythm.The layers of multiple colors unfolded one after the other and then I saw myself walking in a beautiful garden, as if I am in search of something or someone, I  keep walking as if guided by someone, and there I reach right before Him, He was beautiful, He was smiling and so was I. I was lost in His awe , my Almighty was right before me.It was divine, It was mesmerizing and blissful experience. Words will fall short of describing it.

I got many such experiences after that, every time when I meditated. Sometimes I got visualizations and sometimes merely a feeling of being in that state. But it certainly rejuvenates me every time when I experience it. Have you ever came across the issues  similar to what I faced  during my initial days of practicing meditation? I would love to hear from you on how you started with your journey of meditation and experiences you went through thereafter.

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