Happy "GOD" Fathers day!
|   Jun 22, 2016
Happy "GOD" Fathers day!

Tanya was sitting at the bench of railway station holding her six months old boy, Ishan and a small bag stuffed with his clothes. She finally got courage to step out of her train which she had boarded since her marriage. The never ending abuse, violence and greed for money had wrecked that train of hers and she could no longer bear the agony and cruelty meted to her.Finally, her little angel gave her the strength to put her foot down and say Enough! to the never-ending abuse.

There she was, waiting for her brother, shattered, tired, distressed beyond the words that can express but most of all she was scared. She was scared of taking decision, scared of making choice, after all the choice is always tough when it is between worst and bad. She was always a quick and firm decision maker, but this time the decision  would impact many lives especially her little boy's. Was she right in moving out of the dead relationship? She always felt that her husband's house is hers and his family is her own family , that is where she belongs to and that is where her last breathe would release. Was she right in leaving them as no longer she could bear the atrocities meted out to her? They say, that a husband can be a bad husband but still he could be a good father.By choosing to part from her husband, was she doing wrong to her son? Was she depriving him from his father's love? This made her think , is her son's birth father a responsible and loving father at all?

Just then the selfish words of so called birth father echoed in her ears, while she was stepping out of his home, she heard him shouting, "Tanya, you better come back, how can you leave the house, now when you have re-covered from c-section and you are fit enough to get back to work and earn some money.The money you earn belongs to us and not to your parents".Tears started flowing down one after the other, it always belonged to them and to them only, her every ounce of blood, her every penny she earned, belonged to them. She was never there for her parents, she was not with them when her mother was sick. She was never with them when her parents had shifted their house. All the while she was busy in satiating the never ending demands of her in-laws.She tried playing her role of being bhabhi, bahu and wife lovingly but that love was never reciprocated. It was acted out, at times, when she had bought an expensive gift or had given away a big chunk of bonus money that she had earned, and such act of love never lasted for more than a day. And  even in this crucial time of life, when she was leaving his house  and him, he was wailing for money and not for his kid. She could not believe what she heard, but everything happens is for good, she turned back and thanked him, for his words ensured her that her decision to move out was right, her feet were not trembling anymore while coming down the staircase.

A part of her died that day but also a stronger form of her was re-born. She wipes her tears and looks at her baby, he was in his slumber, she kisses him and makes a promise, that she will raise him with all the love and care. She made a choice finally. Just then her brother appears before her, there was still a place where she was loved and where she would always belong to. It was in her parents and her brother's heart. Her brother, assured her and promised her that day, Ishan, may not have his own birth father, but he will always have God-father. 

From that day till this day, Tanya's father and brother had fathered her son. God is very generous, When we miss someone in our life, he replaces the pain of it with the abundance of love and care from others. Every time when Tanya prays, her hands are joined with gratitude, for the blessings she received in the form of a wonderful family. In their love and care Ishan was blossoming like a blooming bud.

Ishan, now a five year old confident smart, notorious yet matured boy has himself understood the fact of his life. He understands he is not having father but he is so right in feeling that he is a special child of God and so is blessed with God-fathers. Who loves him beyond their life.Who were Godfathers in real sense, always there for him, be it his first day of school, PTM or annual day celebration. They were with him like his buddies teaching him to dance and play. It is from them he learned cycling and batting. They nurture him with values and discipline.They remain awake whole night when he is not well.They are the role models of Ishan's life and following their footsteps he will one day grow up as a responsible man.

Becoming father is a different thing but being father is to show up always with unconditional love and care. The article is to thank and wish happy "GOD"Fathers day to all such GODFATHERS who shows up as the father in real sense.

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