How can you call me Auntie yet!
|   May 20, 2016
How can you call me Auntie yet!

In my mind with annoyance I say,

Hellooooo, gal on footboard of train,

what the hell did you just said?

What a heart wrenching, ear piercing word was that,

How can you call me auntie yet :(

Agreed, time has leaped by fifteen years from the time I was twenty,

But that surely doesn't make me look like aunty.

Agreed, I have to search for my birth year, scrolling down and down , every time now while choosing it,

But I am not at all aunty please!

Agreed, in place of cosmetics, my purse is full of meds,

I don't get time enough to wear my lens,

But hey, listen you Yoyo type Babes,

I look cool even in my specs :)

Only thing grown in last few years is my waist,

And only thing I have could shed is hair on my head,

So what If I don't apply perfect coat of lipstick,

Does that mean I am no more a beautiful Chick?

Yeah, Agreed, the only date I have had in last few years with Doctors and Physicists,

And the only test I have been appearing of late is of pathology laboratory

So what if I don't pout and take selfies,

And Instead, tie up my frizzy messy hair in bun,

And drown myself in books of spiritual world,

Does that mean I am not cool dude enough?

Who is dating or breaking up with whom,

What is latest trendy style in boom,

All such gossips are not fascinating me any more,

Hey but listen you lovely lady,

That is because I have attained  kinda maturity,
Do not mistakenly , mix it up with the dreadful word called "Ageing",

But hey you , one in funky jeans,
Mind it!, youth is very much in my genes
And yes, If we ever we meet again,
After five years or ten,
Simply call me, didi or Mam!

Because I ain't ageing in my forties even then,
As I would be living twice of twenties again ;-)

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