Letter to GOD!!!
|   Feb 25, 2015
Letter to GOD!!!

The  morning dew, the  prayer bells,

Here comes wish that is heartfelt

Oh My Lord, in your mighty arms, embrace by nature,

Every creature is loved and cared of this universe

But sadly, in the race of earning best shelter and bread,

We tend to forget to stop by and say THANKS!!

So, the letter is to Thank for all the love, care and strength that You Shower,

That helps each one of us to tackle our own battles

The battles of evil karmas and the evils inhibited in our nature, that we got to win over,

To ultimately unite with You and seek salvage forever

I know my Lord, you yearn more than me for the day to come,

When with You I will become one.

Empower me, Bless me, Guide me in accomplishing all my duties and in conquering all evil,

So that when the time comes I can unite with You my Almighty!!!! 

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