Hey.. Where is Normal ? Ah ! We broke off !
|   Aug 17, 2016
Hey.. Where is Normal ? Ah ! We broke off !

We were really in love...madly you see ! But, we broke off, 9 years back. But, am still not over with it. Ya ya I know am married and all, but see it's not that easy. I still long for those amazing days when Normal was there. But, since he left me, I am always in a deluge. I miss him so much, that there isn't a single day I am not thinking about him. I mean yeah...I miss him, madly, hopelessly, desperately. But, do I want him back back in my life.... hmmm that's the question ! How was my life with Normal...

Ah....get up in the morning, exactly like the way Kajol does in DDLJ ...remember ?? Then make a good aadrak wali chai just like the Red Label and Taj Mahal ads and then sit in my balcony sipping goodness of life. Morning freshness.... lovely breeze, bright morning ! Do Yoga, unleashing the Shilpa Shetty in me ! Then a grand shower, of course grand just like Aishwarya Rai in the Lux ad ! Jyada ho gaya...okay littlle less ! But,I had time and luxury to do everything possible. Let's leave the details though! Then, dress up in all opulence. One day this...one day that...matching yeh...matching woh.... hai woh fursat ke raat din ! Have my breakfast with Leisure...Alright, I forgot about my other friends...Leisure, Comfort, Peace and Silence !! We would hangout together most of the time and my days would be just fantastic....sukoon bhara ! I had time for my friends. Oh no...Normal was least possessive you see. I could talk for hours, meet anyone I wanted to, do anything I desired. But, suddenly one fine day we broke off. And, with him all the other friends also left ...sob sob !! I had another man in my life and Normal just couldn't take it. I tried everything to keep him with me...explained..begged..tried to adjust, but no he said, “we both can't exist together...and he ran away and never looked back”... But I miss him ...then ….now...always :(

I met this man nine years ago...just few days before we decided to call it a quit ! The meeting was painful with loads of screams, shouts and hysteria. To be honest, it was not love at first site. But, surprisingly, thereafter it was a bliss, it was romantic beyond words. We behaved....hum bane tum bane ek duje ke liye types... !! He smiled I smiled, he cried I cried, I even managed to keep up whole night for him days after days... sang songs... danced...played..and did everything that would enhance and strengthen our bond. My new love was so possessive that he wouldn't even mind peeping in the washroom to check what am I doing..! yeah I mean! No offence please..it's LOVE....! I forgot everything in his milieu. He engulfed every bit of me with his love, hugs and kisses. We were two bodies and one soul. Our romance could put Yash Chopra to shame, seriously ! He decided to call me Mumma...noone ever called me mumma before... and I just couldn't get out of him ever....I called him... ABHINAV - 'Just'- 'New'  !

Well, jokes apart, here's the reality. Once I was a MOM, there was nothing normal in my life, and it is still going strong. You guys are raving about Olympic gymnastics because you have not seen me. My day to day gymnastics with my minions is nothing less than a Russian circus. I am no longer Kajol, I jump off my bed in the morning...literally jump. Then, I am Usain Bolt. Running like there is no tomorrow. I eat breakfast in jiffy...I have to, because I feel hungry. I take bath because I want to avoid the stink. I pick up the phone because I don't want to be rude. I wear proper clothes because it is tad unfair to look sexy all the time ! I meet people because I still want to be called social. In reality, given a chance, all I need is few minutes of peace and nothing else ! My day starts with a bang..ends with an even bigger and louder bang, every single day.

But do I regret losing Normal? Naahh....not at all !! I do miss my normal, but my abnormal new life with my two champs, is happening ! It is full of love and bliss, with dollops of occasional miss. 

Normal...you be my ex buddy ! Now, I forever want to be drenched in love...motherhood love....love you to moon and back types love....unconditional love...blissful love...yeah...you know what I mean ... mumma wala love !!

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