Is Breathing Clean Air These Days Is More Of A Luxury Than Necessity?
|   Dec 27, 2016
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Is Breathing Clean Air These Days Is More Of A Luxury Than Necessity?

Few days back my son came back from school visibly rattled. "Mumma, Rohan isn't coming to school for the past 2 weeks. Today Lakshya told that he is in hospital and sick. Can you find out what is wrong?", he said. I didn't waste time and fished out Rohan's mom's phone number and called. She told me that Rohan had developed lower pulmonary infection that has damaged his lungs and he has been under intensive treatment to bring down his infection to normal. I heard her with drop dead silence as something in me had already snapped. You can probably take anything, but not a mother who is weeping at her child's ill health. To hear something like this is more heartbreaking than anything else. I composed myself and asked, "Nupur did the doctor give any reason why such a thing happened suddenly. I am sure something must have triggered it".  Nupur gathered herself and said, "it's excessive exposure to pollution is what that has triggered this. The congestion and infection is a worry, the doctor said." Her words hit me like a thunder and I thought to myself, if Rohan can get sick due to air pollution, so can anyone else...

Air pollution, undeniably is the biggest menace that we all are facing today. In many ways, we all are breathing poison and to put it even bluntly, I think it is our kids who are at the receiving end in the worst possible way. The air we breathed few years back was not as polluted as it is now. In many ways, we have been blessed to have been born during a time when air pollution was not such a menace. But, today our kids are breathing polluted air right from the time they are in their mother's womb. And, sadly that is something that is not helping anyone at all. For me, air pollution must must be curbed in someway or the other. There cannot be a second thought or opinion about that.

Talking loud and clear about air pollution is more of a need now. As educated and aware citizens of this country, talking and holding the issue of air pollution is anything but imperative. We just need to do it ! One of the best ways to go about it is to raise awareness among the masses as in how a little effort from all of us can probably reduce the level of pollution to a jolly good level. The point also is that sitting and harping over something is certainly not gonna work. Instead, we all should come together and make it work. While on one hand we can raise awareness and create solutions that will work in favor, it is also important to be self driven and safe so that we can protect ourselves and most importantly our children from the havoc that air pollution is creating in our lives. These are perhaps few things that you and I can to do while keeping in view the safety measures especially for our kids :

  1. Make the child wear a face mask whenever venturing into areas that are too crowded or polluted.

  2. Ensure that your child is taken into an open green space as often as possible.

  3. Keep away from smoke that may harm their respiration process in any which way.

  4. Use Dr. Aeroguard by Eureka Forbes inside home so that the child can breathe safe and clean air inside the home that is completely devoid of pollutants, which causes dangerous illness in kids.

  5. Lastly, make the child understand the importance of clean air and how he/she as an important being can contribute in checking air pollution in his city. Give examples like planting more trees, car-pooling etc.

Air pollution is definitely an issue that needs a lot of attention. We certainly don't want a Rohan episode to strike us. Our kids are the future of this world, and their health stands as a top priority. With the current reports on the air pollution that is flagged now and then, I am often left wondering though- If breathing clean air these days is more of a luxury than necessity ? Well, I seriously hope, not !!

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