Keep diseases at bay this way!
|   Jul 18, 2017
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Keep diseases at bay this way!

Summers are fun, but summers are worrisome too. Right from the onset of summer, along with the scorching heat, we have so many other things to manage. And, especially with kids, it is more of a trouble as they are most susceptible and vulnerable to diseases. Summer brings with it an array to illness to deal with. The heat, the sweat, and the breeding germs create havoc around us. While we all want our children to have fun and frolic during the vacation, it is equally important to have few things right in our agenda so that the kids are safe and healthy as well.

Here are few tips that I follow as a mother, which help me keep diseases at bay, especially during the summer months.

1. Keep Hydrated: Keeping your child hydrated is one of the most important things during summers. No matter where you are, make sure that you carry enough water and other fluids so that your child doesn’t feel dehydrated even for once. Compared to the other seasons, the need for water is manifolds high during summer, and if your child’s body is deprived of this, it will become a breeding ground for several ailments like UTI, Sun strokes, summer boils and rashes etc.

2. Maintain Personal Hygiene: The sweaty and sultry summers need utmost care with hygiene. The sweats are worst during summer and are responsible for dehydrating the body and producing various skin diseases. Just like keeping the body hydrated is important, to maintain the body clean and dry is equally indispensable. Regular bath with disinfectants, using soap and using germy check talc after bath are some of the ways that can help keep the body clean.

3. Avoid outside food: To keep your health in good shape during summer, avoid outside food as much as possible. During summer, there is always a chance of food getting stale and spoiled during summer. Outside food which is manhandled are more susceptible to that. And eating spoiled food items can be dangerous for your and your child’s health. Eat fresh and homemade stuff as much possible.

4. Watch on the outdoor activities: Summer is also the time when we preferably send our kids to a lot of outdoor activities. Summer camps, swimming, trekking, camping, sports camps etc. are some common activities where we engage our children. Sadly, all these places are breeding ground of diseases. That is why it is extremely important that your child must be briefed well about personal hygiene before and after the activities. This will help them stay germ free and healthy, at large.

5. Watch out the water you drink: As much the food, safe drinking water is indispensable. During summer since there is high demand for water, in many places, water is scarce and also gets contaminated as the water table dips. In such a situation, it is important to have water that is filtered or boiled. Plain contaminated water can cause a lot health hazards. So if drinking plenty of water is important, drinking safe water is more important to stay healthy and disease free.

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