Love Story Of My Five Year Old !
|   Aug 22, 2016
Love Story Of My Five Year Old !

Over the last few years, my T.V timings have been conveniently hijacked by my kids. It’s war with remote, quite literally. But, when you are a mom, your first priority is always your kids, no matter what ! I too, like a good mom, tried to adjust with my kids’ ways, and got glued with new channels in my life- Hangama, Disney, Nick, CN and so on. I always monitored what they watched, and many a times enjoyed some good times with my minions watching cartoons, and actually reliving my childhood all over again. Life was good, cartoon was good, kids were good….so mumma was good !

One fine day, my daughter uttered, “shukriya mom, apne itna acha khana banaya mere liye (Thank you mom you cooked such wonderful food for me)”… and I was like WHAT ? I laughed and laughed and told my hubby- "tumhari beti shayar baan rahi hai" (your daughter is becoming a poetess).. !! I shrugged it off, and never bothered to notice where it came from - kahi se suna hoga …(Must have heard somewhere)! Probably, a week later, this time I took notice ! My daughter was playing with her friends and suddenly said aloud, “Doremon Doremon kya tum mere liye icecream la doge” (Doremon can you get ice cream for me.) ! I was... “betu, why are you asking Doremon. It is just a cartoon beta, it isn’t real." My betu gave me a look of her life, her face flushed, and tears rolled down, as if her boyfriend has just ditched her. I was bewildered, Why ??? She kept crying, and I was yet it figure out what went so horribly wrong. What happened, I wondered.

Such incidents became often, and she would not take anything against Mr. Doremon, the great ! She was stubborn, she was stoic, she was unperturbed ! And, one fine day, she announced, “I love Doremon, and he is my favourite, don’t say bad about him mumma, I don’t like.” Her expressions could beat the best actors of the world, I bet ! For me, it was as if my little girl was introducing her boyfriend with panache and pomp ! “Mumma, meet XYZ, my boy friend, we are seeing each other...huh” !! I wanted to do a Bollywood gig- nahi nahi...yeh sunne se pehle mere kaan kyu nahi phat gaye.. ! But then, I am a new gen mom, so, I chose to play cooool…! “Ah ! really, that’s nice, but it’s cartoon beta, it isn’t real. This happens only in T.V”, I voiced politely. But the mother in me wanted to say….Doremon...really? Aur koi behtar nahi mila (Didn’t you find anyone better) ? My motherly hormones were working over time now, and I just couldn’t stop myself, and quickly declared, “if you say such things girl, no Doremon from tomorrow”. After this, trust me, all hell broke lose, and here I was gaping at my 5 year old girl...crying, howling, screaming….I want Doremon…..mumma you are bad...goooo….noooo...Doremon…. !! 

Doremon hijacked me daughter, I told my friend, hassled ! "Hey don't fret, it's her age", she said. Age? Seriously ? In the meantime, my girl continued her affair, and I wailed often, “I let you watch T.V to enjoy and not say such stupid things Riya” ! Now, just change the sentence ( 10 years down the line), “ I allowed you freedom so that you can enjoy with your friends, not come back and tell me you are in love with this boy...Riya...Damn .” !! I know I was crazy, but her unabashed love for Doremon, was too much for me to handle. I introduced her to more cartoons (boys), but she is adamant, desperate, drooling in love, and I am hopeless, senseless, and most importantly a near imperfect MOM in making !

6 Months Later

Nothing changed, my daughter is still in love with Doremon, hopelessly ! Her water bottle, sipper, bag, pillow, bed spread and lunch box screams about her moohabbat (love) for Doremon. I told her no Doremon dress, at least spare that. No need for the whole world to know !! I am still trying my best, she too is trying her best ! We are fine, when Doremon isn’t around. But, with Doremon in-between, we are almost enemies. Now, whenever my hubby sees us at loggerheads, he smirks, “Ab kya hua?” And, I quip,“ I am dealing with the LOVE STORY OF OUR FIVE YEAR OLD, Oh God  !! Cool dad giggles and starts crooning...." For I can't help falling in love with you...For I can't help falling in love with you....!!


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