Mother Teresa - An Unblemished Inspiration For Kids !
|   Sep 03, 2016
Mother Teresa - An Unblemished Inspiration For Kids !

I don’t know how many of you would agree to this, but I kind of find it very difficult to find a figure whom I can call a true inspiration for my kids. Going by Indian or World history, there are several men and women who have done exemplary work in their field, and they are worth every bit of their stature and accolade. But, on humanitarian ground, I believe there is a void ! But, as the world is gearing up for the canonization of Mother Teresa, I feel, it is the right time to bring her life in front of our kids and talk about her to each and every child around us. Talking about Mother Teresa is like talking about humanity in the same breadth, and for me she is an awakening that all our children need to know about. An inspiration beyond boundaries... !!

My first brush with Mother Teresa was when I got a book about her on my birthday. It was a fable, I was expected to learn the morals. But more than that the morals, I was fascinated by the lady herself. Mother Teresa, her blue boarder white saree, her simplicity, her poise, grace and her pictures with destitute children, moved me. I always thought, how can one be so selfless…? I never got an answer, because perhaps for the work she was doing there cannot be any questions or answers !

Mother Teresa’s journey is a story that needs to be told and retold million of times. Our kids, who are standing amidst all the negativity of life, Mother Teresa will serve as an epitome of positivity. The way she has led her life, touching millions all over the world, she is an inspiration that we must talk to our kids, at length. 

Among many other reasons, I feel proud to be an Indian because we had a saint like Mother Teresa living in this country. Her selfless, charitable and benevolent work has created an institution in itself. ‘Missions of Charity’ is an institution that has over the years supported and nurtured millions of children and homeless and given them a family to call them their own. There are millions who have been miraculously blessed by Mother and have been resurrected from the dearth of severe illness and poverty. Stories of Mother Teresa and her work is so magnanimous and phenomenal that putting it across in few words is nearly impossible….

Well, I personally feel, our kids need to know Mother Teresa, more as a living being. I wonder why television channels never take up such fables and create informative and motivating capsules. I am sure you all would agree that as parents raising kids with the right value is an indispensable duty. Talk about values and morals, and who better than Mother Teresa, whose whole life has been an illumination in the darkness. In this world of religious and social fanaticism, I feel Mother Teresa is one of the few, who has raised her bar as a human being beyond any religion, and became a true human with her work of benevolence. A MOTHER for each and everyone, irrespective of religion, caste, creed, sex, rich or poor, she is an extraordinarily blessed human being, now readied to be worshiped.

Well, for me Mother Teresa is definitely one of the unblemished inspiration to look for. May every child around us gets a fraction of HOLY MOTHER, and make this world a better place for the entire human race with love, kindness and loads of empathy... !! Amen !!

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