Thanks for Chai but need Chah
|   Feb 04, 2017
Thanks for Chai but need Chah

Want to share a very interesting and true story of my foster parents - Bacchu Bhai and Bacchu Ben.

They  are no longer alive but have a permanent place in my heart. 

It all started some years back inside famous Govind deoji Temple in Jaipur. My real parents were observing a couple for a few days who were busy distributing food and medicines to beggars. After a brief introduction, the couple turned out to be social workers with the same name- Bacchu.They accepted the invitation for tea by my parents on coming Sunday.

They arrived with a lot of Dhoklas in their hands on Sunday to our home. I went and wished them and asked them if they would like to have tea . The uncle replied- " Beti Chai Nahin Chah Chhaiye. " He then explained that there are many people who serve tea but don't give the required affection and warmth. I promised to give them love and respect in the same manner as i give to my parents. From that day onwards, I became their adopted daughter ,not legally but emotionally.

They had a unique habit of distributing food and medicines to beggars and needy every Wednesday and Sunday.This continued for many years. But one day , they were turned out of their own house by their brothers and nephews.They did not have a child of their own.My father asked them to come and stay with us as long as they wish. But like any self respecting individuals, they  did not accept this and were  very worried about their future.

What happened next was unbelievable. They got a call from Aunt's sister in U.S.She said that they can stay in her home in Surat . The Uncle said no again. But this time his sister in law said that as they only have given her money to settle in  U.S. long back, she wants to repay it in this way.Both my foster parents agreed. They stayed comfortably for 7 years there. One day, after coming back from walk, Aunt suffered heart attack and died instantly. Uncle could only live for 15 days and after that he also died to meet her in heaven.

I learnt a very beautiful lesson. We need not only serve Chai , we need to serve Chah to everyone. Love and respect each and everyone.

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