Artificial intelligence
|   Mar 31, 2015
Artificial intelligence
In a twist to the standard Turing test, a man faces 2 curtains. Behind one is a child, and behind the other is another person. The man is tasked with finding out which curtain houses the child and who the other person is. He is allowed 5 questions, at the end of which he needs to make his decision.

Man: “How would you feel if someone thought you looked a year older than you actually were?”
Respondent 1: “Yippee! But don’t I seem at least five years older than I am?”
Respondent 2: <Absolute silence>

Man: “Respondent 2, did you not hear my question?”
Respondent 1: “Don’t I seem older than respondent 2? Don’t I? Don’t I?”
Respondent 2: <Still nothing>

The man, by virtue of being married for one month, instantly knows the identity of both respondents as soon as he hears (or not) the response to the very first question. But being a good sport, he continues to ask more questions.

Man: “Ahem, let’s move on. How do you feel about holidays and weekends?”
Respondent 1: “I love them. Those are the days I wake up really early and ensure the entire household is up and running before the sun rises”
Respondent 2: <Stony silence>

Man: “Respondent 2, question 1 was a hypothetical question. I am sure no one thinks you look any older than you are. Could you please answer question 2?”
Respondent 1: “Why isn’t respondent 2 answering any of your questions? I am the winner of this game, aren’t I?”

Man: “There are no winners in this game. Participating nicely is most important. Moving on to question 3…”
Respondent 1: “But if there were a winner, it would be me, wouldn’t it?”

Man: <Ignoring respondent 1> “What sort of a gift do you like getting?”
Respondent 1: “The biggest one. Actually, wrapping paper would be just as nice”
Respondent 2: “Something glittering that befits someone who is young and beautiful. Hmph!”

Man:” Thank you for answering the question, respondent 2”
Respondent 1: “I’ve answered all your questions and you never thanked me. That’s not fair. I’m not playing this game. I’m not friends with you anymore”
Man: “Then respondent 2 will win the game. Are you sure you don’t want to play anymore?” <Wicked chuckle>
Respondent 1: “But you just said there were no winners…wait! I’m playing. I’ll answer even if you don’t thank me”

Man: “Which is the larger planet? Uranus or Pluto?”
Respondent 1: “You said Your a*us! You said Your a*us” <laughs uncontrollably>
Respondent 2: “That’s so crass. Tch tch”

Man: “Here’s the last question. How do you feel about a sale at a shop?”
A woman comes running out of curtain 2, her voice barely able to contain her excitement, “Which shop is this? And how much of a discount are they offering? How come I didn’t hear of it? “. She picks up her phone and tells her friends about a fabulous sale they hadn’t heard about, while the man feels intelligent at having guessed her identity correctly.

Respondent 1: “As long as there’s a shopping cart I can ride on and easily accessible chocolates that I can grab, I like them. And..hey the other contestant came out!”

The child comes running out, excitedly shouting “I won! I won! Nah nah nah nah nah nah ”

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