|   Sep 28, 2016

It is the usual 6.30 am of a weekday. Parul is running from one end of the house to another to make sure her son gets ready by 7 for school. The biggest task for her in the morning is to make Ishaan drink his cup of milk without feeling sick. Every morning she tries new tricks to divert his attention so that he finishes the whole cup. One of Ishaan’s favourite demands is - Mom, Parul ki story sunao. Ishaan loves to listen to the story of his mom’s childhood – how she used to play, her friends, her ordeals at school, challenges with studies and journey to success. Of course, she is the Hero of her son.


Parul always believed in learning through stories and such teachable moments give her the perfect opportunity by which she can instill a special truth or a life time inspiration. This timee th theme in her mind was – ‘Winning or Losing with grace and trying again’  i.e. “ACT UNTILL VICTORY”.


Ishaan like a normal 5 year old likes to compete over everything – mine is better and bigger. He does understand winning is good and hence wants to be at the winning side ALWAYS. If he gets a sense that he will not be first in the game, he may want to bail so that he can evade the humiliation of defeat – Mom it is a boring game, let us try something else.


Since the ‘Child Parul’ inspires Ishaan a lot – Parul decides to create a story for her son.  “Ishaan, here you go with another Parul ki story…. But you have to finish your milk faster than I can complete my story” mom cautioned him.


The kiddo was too thrilled and agreed. So she started,


“Parul was in class 10 and was preparing for her science project. She was extremely motivated and hoping to come first in her inter class competition. She always likes to come first. She made a beautiful lighthouse with lighting in it. She was confident and composed. Her mom wished her luck. As soon as she reached school, she realized that her project was not the best one. Other kids have projected various science concepts, physics laws to demonstrate their projects. She came 7th out of 10 participants. She returned home totally shattered almost convinced that science is not made for her. Parul’s mom could read her pulse. Instead of coddling her she wanted Parul to feel the pain of defeat. In the evening, Parul was still miserable, mom gave her evening snacks and congratulated her for the effort. Parul was dumbstruck. She was hopeless and did not feel like thanking her. In fact she was planning to quit the science club. Mom said only three words that changed Parul’s life for ever – ACT UNTIL VICTORY. Mom further inspired Parul – My love, I only want to you to remember that world willalways recollect your last effort so ACT UNTIL VICTORY.


That was the game changer. Parul wrote on a big chart paper – ACT UNTIL VICTORY and read it every morning. She started thinking about her class 11 project 3 months’ prior to the competition announced. This time she made a magnetic car  - she proud of her invention. So was quite sure of her victory. This year she wanted to win – badly. The results were announced. She was second, just a few points behind the winner. She was back home with broken heart but the iron will – Mom, I am second this time but will ACT UNTIL VICTORY.


Class 12 came with loads of other responsibilities, various entrance preps, coaching and the project. But Parul was quite focussed from the beginning – ACT UNTILL VICTORY. On the project day – she was excited and confident but not anxious. This year – victory did not matter to her. She had put in her 100% effort without wasting an iota of time and effort. She acted every time she was supposed to ACT. This time she enjoyed competing just for the challenge. Next day, when the result was announced Parul was not there to grab her much awaited gold medal – she was busy somewhere else – in her IIT preparations – challenging herself to a new challenge – ACTING FOR ANOTHER VICTORY.

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