30s d most challenging age
|   Apr 10, 2017
30s d most challenging age

30s d most difficult age. Messed up life. 24hrs seems less. To take care of elders kids n most importantly, d most important relationship of our life. To handle all, many of us fail to cope up . Lots of diversion. Lots many things to destroy d bond, yet d power to stick to that one thing, that makes d bond stronger is difficult. It can be much easier if we r blessed with right people n right path .

At d age of 30 we all need to take care of elders in d family . In fact we should take care of them. Mainly bcoz of 2 reasons. 1stly it is d critical years of their life. They are facing some health problems as well as emotional ones. All we could do is make them feel as comfortable as we could,  and at ease. Secondly n most importantly they will not be with us always.

We in 30s n kids in their teens. Deadly combination. We oppose each other's views almost in all matters. Neither are they  ready to understand ,nor we are able to make them understand. 

Now in midst of all these, at the end of d day we are tired n exhausted. Sometimes irritated sometimes depressed. Feel like going to d bed without talking to anybody. This anybody is our better half, with whom we used to discuss every second of d day. Used to , coz now we hardly care.

So,  since d day can't be of more than 24hrs, we are left with only one solution. Little patience, little hard work, setting our priority,and managing everything with a smile.
One more thing make sure to take out at least 10 mins for urself. Have coffee ☕ go out for an ice cream 🍦talk to ur best friend.

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