Auro ke ghar mein bhi bacche hote hain
|   Apr 15, 2017
Auro ke ghar mein bhi bacche hote hain

Kanav a 10 yr old child heard this every day from his mom ,dad ,dada n dadi. 10 yr is neither too young nor too old. Bachpana abhi baaki hain. Aur 2 saal. Fir tho woh khud badmashi Karna chod dega. 

What was going inside d mind of Kanav, only he knew. Kanav had a 8 yr old brother. This was not a cherry on d cake. The day his brother was born, he was d happiest. But now at times, he wish he was d only child in d family. Every time he needs to compromise. Tu bada hain na.? Maa m elder than him , but I too m a kid. I need Dada's Pat, I need dadi's story , n need papa's pampering. N most importantly I need ur love care n attention. Maa I need you. 

How Kanav thought he could say all these to his mom. But mom was always busy in d household. No time for him. Whatever time she caught, bhai snatched it from him. 

Maa I do my homework myself not because I can do it myself. Even I face difficulties in doing so. But I don't want to bother u. But I would love if you sit beside me.

Mom I have my food myself. Not because m hungry. Not because I love to eat. But because I don't want to give u extra burden. But if once in a while, u feed me with ur hands, I would be happy.

Mumma I take bath daily myself. I can do so. I know u don't have time for me but . But d day u give me bath, I feel so refreshed. The smell of d toiletries is not as sweet as ur care .

Mummy I can do , n I do all by myself. M big enough to take care of  myself. But m still young to crave for a peaceful sleep on ur laps.

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