C section my fault or my crime ?(1)
|   Apr 13, 2017
C section my fault or my crime ?(1)

I don't know anyone who went for a c section willing. Who on d earth would like to go for a surgery. At least not a person with sound mind. 

Doctor n mom to be, both r blamed for it. People say

Doctor ko paisa banana hain. Aajkal ki ladkiyo ko dard bardasht karna nahi aata.
I know a few docs are keen on making money, still many more are loyal towards  their proffession. Why blame all?

I lost my 1st child. Reasons unknown till date. Wen I was pregnant with second child, doc kept close supervision. At d end of 8th month she said,

We won't wait for d contractions to come naturally, but would induce pain.  We want this baby to be our life and to be in our life at any cost. 
I was absolutely fine for d full 9 months. Never did I complain of any pain or uneasiness. I n my doc both were sure it would be a normal delivery. Last scan showed umbilical cord around d neck of d foetus. Still she was optimist. Wen I was admitted , d duty in charge told my doc
She lost her 1st child , umbilical cord around d neck, y take risk? Operate her.
Doc said no we would try. Treatment started at 6 in d morning. I was having 1 min contractions. Doc could see d head of d baby, but as soon as I pushed, baby got chocked, was not able to breath. 

Ultimately after 12 hrs of pain I got a C section done. D moment doc held d baby in her hands, she said, at no cost d baby would have come alived. D umbilical cord was around his neck, three rounds. Even during surgery doc had to cut it thrice. It was something like hanging from a fan or tree. going down means, bid adieu to ur life.

So what was better, embracing a healthy baby around ur arms or wait for losing a foetus?

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