C section my fault or my crime? (2)
|   Apr 13, 2017
C section my fault or my crime? (2)

What should be d appropriate age gap between two kids? Till date no definate answer. Some say 3 to 5 yrs. Once u done with changing diaper, again back to d same routine. A friend of mine, rare combi of traditional n modernization, have a strong view abt almost everything. She got married at d age of 22. 1st baby wen she was 24 n second wen she was 26. She was clear abt her views. Career oriented woman. Done with her social responsibility , now will concentrate on her work.

So d age gap between ur kids is totally ur decision. I wanted my second baby soon after my 1st child was 1yr. Luckily conceived as per my wish. There's 2 yrs gap between both my kids.Except for one reason, I can see all positivity in it. 

When I conceived my second baby, doc said to stop lactating d 1st child. I was okay with what she said coz have exclusively breast fed my kid for six months. And wen he was 1 he had a taste for everything. Luckily didn't face a problem in doing so. 

8 months went fine. On my next visit to doc she said me to go for a scaning. She said she wanted to see d scaling.  My doc was  a strict lady, never did I dare to ask her anything. Still now I don't coz I believe doctors know what is best for us. I went for an ultrasound. D ultrasoundist immediately called my doc n said. Need to operate immediately. Doc said she was in an emergency. Can we wait for 2 hrs. She said can't wait for even an hour. We rushed to d hospital n I held my baby in my arms exactly after an hour. Later I asked d visiting doc, then also not my gynae, what actually happened. She explained it to me. She said since my 1st child was a c section delivery, stiches were still there. It takes At least 3 yrs to get d skin replaced with no stiches joining them anymore. Since it was only 2yrs, abdomen was stretching and making d stiches loosened. Had it stretched a little more, baby could have find a place to come out of d womb. But would get trapped in between. Baby would have been in distress. At that moment it couldn't be operated either coz baby could get hurt . Doctors had no other option but to have a surgery n bring this little angel safely to this world.

So dear mom in laws, no daughter in law, goes for a c section intentionally. Its just our fate. So u tell me, what is dear to u? The age old theory of all advantages of a normal delivery or good health of ur bahu n grandchild.

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