If you are ashamed of me, even I am not proud of you.
|   Apr 19, 2017
If you are ashamed of me, even I am not proud of you.

13 years of married life, one thing Neha was sure of, was that ,Raj doesn't love her. In past 13 years , they have attended almost 30 wedding. In these 30 weddings, they never ate together. They never took a picture of both of them, clicked together . Even in their own wedding album, there was no single pic where you could see only the bride and bridegroom 

I know no one will believe this but, during their wedding reception, Raj was absent from the stage. All invitees asked for the groom, but groom had gone for a drink with his friend.

Neha used to get ready for every wedding, in the hope that, Raj will say a word of praise. But Raj was too busy in himself.

13 long years, Raj and his behavior towards Neha was a mystery. Neha was beautiful, but what if Raj doesn't like her, what's her fault, Neha was committed to Raj, what if he loved someone else. Among all odds, if Neha was trying her best, still Raj preferred remaining a stranger, what was her fault.

Neha used to feel jealous of couples who shared their plates in a social gathering. It was her wish, which she very well knew Raj would never fulfill.

Neha wanted a nice couple pic, so that it remains a beautiful memory. But Raj never showed himself  during any of the function.

Raj was the only person who knew, what was in his mind.  But why Neha had to pay for Raj's behavior towards her. Why is she always with a heavy heart and bitterly flowing tears.

With so much of patience and every possible attempt to change Raj, if he was still the same, Neha was not guilty. All she could say to Raj, is, 

If you are ashamed of me, even I am not proud of you.

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