Psoriasis a mental ailment. 
|   May 01, 2017
Psoriasis a mental ailment. 

Yes it appears on the skin but is due to negative pressure on the mind. Psoriasis is visible with naked eyes, but it's cause is imbedded deep inside. Main cause of Psoriasis is depression. That is why mostly women are Psoriasis patient. 

Every woman with Psoriasis generally, checks almost all the dermatologist of her city, with no relief. Psoriasis is something that pressurises a patient both internally and externally.

Everywhere you will get to hear the same thing. It is controllable but not curable. It can be managed. I am sorry to say ,some doctors really understand the problem faced by their patient, and genuinely wants to cure them. While others are interested only ,in making money.

Well I am not a doctor, neither am I a patient. But I have seen a very near kin of mine struggling through this dreadful disease. It was, and is always a pity side when she cries. Allopathy , homeopathy, ayurvedic, light treatment, injections , she has tried everything on earth , with little or no relief.

In today's world when there's a cure, for a serious disease like cancer too,I don't know why can't we  find a cure for Psoriasis.

All I can say and I want to say is, please take care of anyone around you suffering from this incurable disease. The little you can do is, try to keep that person happy. 

If you yourself is a victim of this deadly disease, just take care of yourself. Try to be happy . And whichever treatment you go for, decide wisely.Following could be helpful,

  1. Prefer homeopathy to others. Still better go for local doctors rather than brand names.
  2. It's in the blood so medication is important. Avoid topical treatment. Prefer medicine over ointment.
  3. Take care of your body specially joints. Clean and moisturize well, particularly during winters.
  4. Avoid hot water bath in every situation, whatever it may be. Can bath with leukwarm water.
  5. Last and most important one,Be Happy.
I again repeat , I am not a doctor. Facts about Psoriasis like cause ,symptoms ,cure and care are easily available on net. I have just tried to share as little as I know. Feedback and suggestions from all the readers are most welcome. If a reader, who is also a doctor by profession wants to elaborate, or correct me ,  I would be obliged.

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