You can force me to respect you, not to love you.
|   May 08, 2017
You can force me to respect you, not to love you.

From the  day riya got engaged, till today, that is 13 yrs of her marriage, not a single day passed by, when her mother in law didn't scold her. Her mother in law rebuked her during her courtship period, during her honeymoon, during pregnancy and after babies too.

Why? Why does her mother in law scold her?Why does her mother in law rebuke her? Why does her mother in law torture her? Why does her mother in law doesn't let her live in peace?

Because her sister in law says, she is not happy. Why is her sister in law not happy? 

When her sister in law wants a new mobile, she asks her brother and not her hubby. When her daughter wants a new ipad , she asks her mama and not dad. When her son wants a new toy, he asks his nanu and not dadu. 

If her in-laws( sister in laws)disapprove of such behavior, who is wrong?  Riya tried talking about this to her husband and father in law, both agrees this is not done, this goes against the rule, but are helpless. 

It's not the story about Riya or her sister in law. It's a story of every home. A home, where because of one such lady ,all others are not happy. Somewhere it's mother in law, somewhere daughter in law.

All I want to say is considering these situations and circumstances in india, it's better to live in a nuclear family. I don't find any fault in staying in a nuclear family. The only thing a lady should be concerned is, everyone living under the roof is  happy. Why should Riya suffer because of no fault of hers? How can she be held responsible for what's going on in the life of her sister in law? Why is it that a lady is not being able to understand the pain of another lady? Only because she is her daughter in law and not her daughter. Riya wants to say just one thing to her mother in law and sister in law;

You people can force me to respect you, but not to love you. 

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