what drove a mother to a level so low ??
|   Aug 27, 2015
what drove a mother to a level so low ??

 I am really shaken, !disturbed at some deep deep level !

Yesterday, reading in the newspaper about a sister getting her own sister murdered over some property issues itself was quite discomforting and hard to fathom. But considering the materialistic times we live in, I tried to calm my agitated mind and control my train of thoughts by recalling and reflecting on other such cases in the past where the uncontrolled greed, selfishness and ego is most often the motive behind them.

But there was worse waiting to be discovered as the events unfolded. Now it turns out that the accused was the mother of the victim.Apparently, she did not just plan the crime but also actively participated in it.

How could she??  Why did she??

In most such cases as we know from around the world, the perpetrator of the crime has been either in the grip of some mentally crippling disease or under the influence of some substances which compromised the decision-making power of the mental faculties, or the criminal was downright evil hell bent on  taking revenge from a real or perceived enemy. But in this case, nothing of this sort seems to apply and fit in the scenario.

Did her own egotistical desires, wishes or obsessions become so monstrously huge as to completely take over and cripple her basic human traits? What to say of her motherly instincts? 

It is difficult to comprehend at what point her emotions, feelings became challenged and her false pride took over her basic motherly instinct of protecting her progeny under all and any circumstances by all means and manners possible.

And to think of it, she was quite a successful person and had it all-money, power,fame, position and so-called Good Life(going by the conventional measures of success and happiness).

What was missing in her life? Was she confusing pleasures with true happiness? Had she been searching for happiness at the wrong places?  Obsessively looking for external gratification rather than searching for peace within!

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