The Lost Person
|   Dec 14, 2016
The Lost Person

Today he had sent her to park to spend some "me time" she had asked for.That day she was very frustrated, not able to control her anger or emotions.. she was literally having emotional outbreak. It was then she said she needed some "me time" to recover. And there she was that evening sitting alone in a park with earphones on listening to fav songs. She was trying to soothe herself. She was trying to figure out what had happened to her.She sat on the bench gazing at the evening crimson sky. Her mind leapt back a few years to the days of her spinsterhood. Those days were carefree. She had good job which paid her decent salary at the end of that month. She had good friends. Lot of interests in which she would indulge herself in. She knew the latest trends in fashion music or gadgets .. she knew what was happening around her..the current affairs. She was considered good employee by her employer. She was considered to be multi talented by her peers. She felt her life was perfect.

And one day she married love of her life. Her life was more than perfect now.

She knew marriage would bring changes in her life.She embraced the changes that came her way with all her heart and soul. Soon she was going to be a mother and her joy knew no bounds. She welcomed motherhood and the responsibilities that came along.She quit her job to nurse her child. Now that she was a "house wife/stay at home mother" she decided to be the best wife/mom. Then onwards her life revolved around keeping her husband and child happy and content. She no longer read books..she had no time for her favourite music. She did not bother about what she wore or how she looked. This went on for sometime. She was happy. 

But somewhere within she started feeling something was missing in her life. She felt she had lost something. Some emptiness bothered her . She tried to ignore but in vain. The more she tried to suppress her emotions , she became more disturbed. She was getting frustrated for silliest things and her hubby wondered what had happened to her.Today,as she sat in the park and  introspected,she realised she was 'Lost'. The thing she missed most was "herself". In a bid to be the best in her roles she had forgotten to be "herself".But who was to blame. It was neither her husband nor child who set those expectations. But yes both he and herself  didn't notice as she got lost. As she realised the truth, she walked back home hoping to do something to discover her lost self. She was hesitant to share this with anybody as she worried she would be tagged a "selfish" or "self-centered" woman than a good wife or mother.

This is not her story alone. There are many women who go through this and choose to remain silent as they think this is "just a phase" and it would pass on. This is one of the faces of "postpartum depression" . Instead of suppressing this ,it requires the women to be open about what they feel and a joint effort from both husband and wife to overcome this depression to share a healthy relation. This will definitely be key to a happy and healthy family. 

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