Happy children's day!!!- A short story
|   Nov 13, 2016
Happy children's day!!!- A short story


Alarm is ringing. It is 6 am in the morning, Neha is still in her bed. Yesterday, she was very tired. She doesn't want to come out of her bed. Suddenly, she realized that It's 14th November; its Children's Day today. She wakes up quickly and rushes to the bathroom after hot shower she feels fresh. Vinod, her husband, knows that without coffee her day is not started so he prepares the coffee for both of them .They had coffee and breakfast together. Neha wanted to leave early today as she is teacher in Primary school. Though she has done Master Degree, she chose to become teacher in primary school instead of lecturer in college.

She has designed all the activities and games for Children's Day. She knows everything about her school students, it's like god's gift to her. She known as "Angel" in school. Every child gives her love and respect from their heart.

She has reached little late to school. The school staff was bit worried but she smiled and made everyone sure that everything will be OK and nothing to worry about the Children's Day activities.

School bell rings, children are coming with lots of excitements. They do prayer and after that Children's Day program start. It went very well. Every child enjoyed all the activities a lot. Now it's time to go home for her as something is still in her mind. She makes few phone calls before starting from school.

It's 4.30 pm when she reached home. She opened the door. Vinod was on the way to home. She has started decorating backyard. it looks so beautiful with colorful balloons and ribbons. She is also excited about the party which she has organised at her home in the evening. Everything was almost set. Door bell rang, it was a Cake she ordered yesterday for party.

It's 5.30 pm; Party time. Now the invited Guests were started coming to her home. They were the kids from her neighborhood. These kids are from lower income class families and because they cannot afford tuition, she teach them for free after school hours on daily basis. She has hosted party for them. All the invited kids have come to the party. She was very happy. Vinod also joined the party. They sang, danced, played and had lots of fun. They took few party snaps with kids. It's now 8.00 pm; she then distributed the Gifts to these kids.

It was hectic today as since morning she was busy in children's day activities for school and home after school hours. She was very tired and lied down on bed. Something reminds her especially on this day. Neha can't become mother. Vinod and Neha got married 8 years ago. They tried to have kid for couple of years however it seemed that none of their efforts helped them. Neha was so much distressed and used to cry every day. Vinod understood her pain and became her great support. He motivated and made up her mind to accept the reality. He also gave her an idea to engage herself with needy children and shower her love on them. From that day, some magic had happened. She has now got changed. She started tuition class for Free for the needy children from her neighborhood. In six months of time, she got around 14 children. Now she is very happy and forgets her pain by seeing these kids. She teach them, prepare variety of foods for them, play with them in free time along with them.


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