All she needed was her mumma.. (Story)
|   Jul 25, 2017
All she needed was her mumma.. (Story)

Shreya used to live with her parents, grandparents and a younger brother. She used to travel quite often with her grandparents and the most frequent place of all was her grandmother's sister, chhoti Dadi. Chhoti dadi's granddaughter Kiran, used to live with them, her Nani and nanu. Kiran's parents had left her with them in India, they being trying to get settled in the USA, with lots of struggle. Kiran was only 5 when they left her. Since then she was raised by her nanu and Nani with utmost love, affection, care and the never ending pampering. For that aged couple, Kiran was the motive of living.  It's always tough for parents to be away from the apple of their eyes. Kiran's parents must have had a hard time too but more than anything, Kiran must have faced an extremely difficult time at such a tender age. But Shreya, her distant cousin couldn't understand that, as she was just 2 years elder to Kiran.

Shreya loved visiting Kiran as she knew that she would get to play with the prettiest of pretty dolls and who does not like chocolates and ice creams. Kiran had a separate toy room, with more than 50 Barbie dolls, uncountable shimmering marbles, an eye catching toy hut, enormous tempting toys and what not. She had pretty dresses, glittering footwear, refrigerator stuffed with chocolates, pastries, cakes, ice creams, chips and that everything for which a kid would fall for. Like all other grandparents, they wanted to full fill every single wish of Kiran, so for Kiran it was always a yes. Also, her parents used to bring all those goodies for her on their visit to India. May be it was their way of showing love and care for their only daughter. Everything that Kiran had, seemed to be so tempting to Shreya and in some corner of her innocent heart, she was also envious of Kiran. 12 year old Shreya and her thoughts "I wish I would have had all that Kiran has. Such lavish life she lives. Her parents are abroad and everything she has is imported. Her grandparents pamper her like anything. I wish I would have had all that Kiran has."

Even after having all the luxuries of life, Kiran's health was always a matter of discussion amongst the whole family. Kiran was never a healthy kid. Her appetite was horribly less. She was allergic to milk. Her far seated parents and with seated grandparents had tried almost everything from allopathic, to homeopathy, to ayurvedic, but nothing much did work on Kiran. Her weight and height never matched her age. Out of Shreya's curiosity, why did Kiran look malnourished when she was surrounded with all the beauties of life. Shreya was too young to understand the challenges whom Kiran was dealing with.

Kiran turned 12 and her health was deteriorating day by day. Her old grandparents were searching for the correct remedy to cure her and they had not left a single stone unturned. Finally after lot more discussions, conversations and planning everyone decided to move Kiran from India to the USA with her parents.

Soon in another 2 to 3 years, news of Kiran's wellness started reaching Shreya's ears. She was happy as her dear cousin was now getting in a good shape. But, Shreya immersed in her studies and other tasks never gave a thought of how a girl not so good in health for 12 years had gradually started getting in a fine fettle. Then, slowly and steadily all those discussions about Kiran's health also vanished and they all got busy with their lives hoping that Kiran must have settled adequately. 

Today Shreya is a mother and out of no where this thought came back to her mind that what made Kiran go in a good trim. And finally her motherhood gave her the answer. Kiran, lastly was with her parents, her mother, whose place no other creature in this Milky Way Galaxy can take place. Today's Shreya is not a 12 year old juvenile. She thanks God for writing her fate the way it is. She thanks God for raising her with her parents. She thanks God for not giving her those multiple dolls but her always with her parents. And she thanks God for giving her the most charismatic mother. Because now she has understood that all what Kiran needed was her mumma. 

Dedicated to all the matchless mothers who sacrifice their lives for kids, irrespective of being near or far. Love you mumma.

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