Dear kids, Sex is like attaching USB cable to USB port.
|   Jul 21, 2017
Dear kids, Sex is like attaching USB cable to USB port.

Let me initiate with a question. How fair it is to give information about sex to a 6 or 7 year old kid? If one would have asked me this question, so in past 2 days my opinion was, it's too early for them to understand the complexity of such topic. But then, a dear friend of mine pinged me this link on YouTube with title "Sex chat with Pappu & Papa" with a taunt to get myself prepared for the future. After getting through the series my opinion did change.

The title itself suggested that it was related to sex and sexuality. But the question spinning in my mind was how and is it valid to introduce it at such a tender age? 

For my answers, I saw this online series of 5 episodes. Though it was aired around an year ago but fortunately now I got the chance to understand that the things seems to be complex can even be easier. We just have to think a bit broader and smarter. This series aims to demystify sex in a humorous and entertaining way. It showed that how a father when bombarded with the most embarrassing and outrageous questions, from masturbation to sex, pregnancy, condoms, periods and homosexuality, answers to his 7 year old boy and that too in a clean and non vulgar way by relating simple anecdotes and things like laptop, mobile phone, USB port and cable.

Sex talk is taboo in most households, and parents squirm at the thought of telling their children how they came into existence. Unfortunately most schools have no sex education. And the places it’s there, it’s not curated or delivered well. Most kids are learning about sex/sexuality through porn. Half- information or misinformation is worse than no information. 

Today kids are completely exposed to television, laptops and mobile phones. They are born with these appliances and undoubtedly get interacted with words like condom, sex, homo, sanitary napkins in their day to day life. Questions will arise in their growing minds. So now it's up to us, whether we avoid it or face it by answering. If we avoid, they will surely find the answer, then the medium could be a search engine or even could be porn. Which is worse. If we face it sportingly and make them understand in a simplified, clean and healthy way, we would be taking a step closer to our kids and preventing them from getting interacted to such things that are not exactly meant for them. 

There is nothing wrong in talking to your kids about such things. Research has consistently shown that parents can contribute to the safety of their children’s sexual behaviour by talking about sex, rather than avoiding the subject. As said HOME IS THE FIRST SCHOOL and PARENTS ARE THE FIRST TEACHERS, we parents have to be the first stop for satiating curiosity. We need to grow with our kids for their better future. Get yourself prepared for their innocent but sometimes awkward questions. I am trying for it. Now it's your turn. All the best. Happy parenting.

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