"The 1st trimester is going to be painfully endearing"
|   Apr 27, 2016
"The 1st trimester is going to be painfully endearing"

"The 1st trimester is going to be painfully endearing", were the voices I heard the most when I announced my pregnancy to my dear and near ones. Although clueless as  what to expect from my first pregnancy, I was overjoyed we were pregnant.


“We were pregnant!!!”, “We were pregnant!!!”, were the only taughts running in mind untill it was interrupted. Then it began, the saga of 1st trimester unplesentries. The moment hearing to each persons associated with me and their individual experience of the first trimester. There were stories I heard about the extreme Bouts of nausea,morning sickness, tiredness, contant peeing and all the not so welcome perks of being pregnant.


Nothing was as scary as remembering the visuals of my own sister being pregnant who went through her 1st trimester. Whiff of the tadka in the kitchen, or someone passing by with perfume on would literally trriger her nausea and the puking would start withtout a stop. The nausea was excruciating to bear/see and it felt like the organs would literally pop out from her body.
Hearing to such painful experiences made me think whether to consider THE pregnancy a welcome breeze or a sun storm in the making. Alas the taught lasted for split second, but the stories were something which I should consider and prepare myself for was the end taught.


What do most girls do when they are scared to core, run to their mommy, and that is exactly what I did. “Is it true mother!!! Will I be undergoing all the things people said. Can I handle it? Will I be alright? Will the baby alright if I throw up so much? What do I do? Is there any way to overcome it?” The panic attact would not subside, untill there was a laughter across the room which was very irritating at first but a blessing at the end.


“Don’t worry, I never had any nausea, moring sickeness. Even your grandmother didn’t have any. Hopefully you also don’t need to go through it”, I was exhilarate. I cant comeup with enough adjectives which would describe my feelings after hearing to my mother. I was on cloud 9, 10, 11 Nth cloud. Hoping to not undergo such feelings now I can say it with confidence that “No, I didn’t have nausea or morning sickness” and “Yes, my appetite was gone for a toss, I used to pee every other minute and I used to feel tired all the time”. Being a working professional, everymorning I woke up I trained/tricked my brain into feeling positive and fully energised for the day ahead. I used to force myself to consume food and I used to play tricks on my mind into feeling refreshed although I was drop dead tired. I didn’t have the luxury of taking off from work, as most expectant working professionals would feel, Save those holidays cuz you might desperately need it after the baby is born. I pulled through those days  with an anchor in my feet.


The miseries vanished once we enter the ultrasound scan room. Excitement knew no bounds that day. The ‘Lub dub!! Lub dub’ was out of this world. That being the only thing which I understood in that room, the rest just flew above my head. The dimentions, terminologies doc used, nothing made sense to me. I was trying very hard to grasp things, alas all I could make out there is a sac and numeral 1 (one baby) . That was enough for me return home without any worries about the 1st trimester and ‘Lub dub!! Lub dub’ resonance in my ear .


Now in the final trimester, I feel very lucky and thankful for my genes to have skipped the unplesentries of FIRST TRIMESTER. I thank my husband who was a great helping hand in daily chores and my mother, who always helped me stay positive. I would like to say ‘All The Best’ to all those people who are undergoing their 1st trimester, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Be prepared to be super glowing and super charming during the next trimester.


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