From a "Not THAT mom" - an open letter
|   Jun 06, 2016
From a "Not THAT mom" - an open letter

Are All moms are supposed to behave in a set pattern. Rather does motherhood bring that out in everyone or so it seems.

Does a non conforming mom make me lesser of a mom!!

I wouldn't know with how many this resonates. Being out of place of whatsapp groups, being non participative in sharing jitters or excitements.

I never felt the need to announce my pregnancy over social media or getting maternity shoots or baby showers. Have always found these too frivolous. At the same time no birth announcements as well. I realised all this only when i called up few people to share my news and invite for a small gathering to celebrate the arrival of my twins that they mentioned ohhh we never knew, you didn't upload anything as well.

I really am struggling with my mom identity". I know so many awesome moms with unique talents. I want to do all of those things, too. But I can't do everything.

That mom who organises the best play dates- you know in a spic and span house with painting experiments and amazing snacks and cupcakes - i won't be that mom.

That mom who should be a chef - whose food looks straight out of masterchef show. I am not that mom. My food is simple and my dishes repeat on a weekly basis.

That mom who coordinates everything- from mothers outing to playdates to neighbourhood events. I am not that mom

That mom who looks ready for a brunch party being covered on page 3 and whose house looks it will be covered by good homes magazine right now. I am not that mom. If you want to come to a clean house and civilised me, pls give a three day notice to come.

That mom who has "COFFEE ". And plan coffee evenings. I am not that mom. If i make ir to such coffee evenings i will be there sipping "CHAI" and being ok with that.

I am a mom who is lil messy, isn't always on best behaviour and so will the kids be as well.

I am the mom who will try and make nutritious meal for my kids but also let them eat junk food on occasions.

Im the mom who wants to be happy, have happy kids and make memories with them.

Being an older mom ( turned 35 day got my babies homes ) definitely came with its own challenges right from word go - from the decision to delay it.. To conception to pregnancy to delivering prematurely halfway into pregnancy. But in same breath i would say i wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

So, are you THAT mom? What is you mom identity?

From a sincerely out of place mom

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