The best of both worlds
|   Apr 25, 2017
The best of both worlds

It was a Sunday and Srija was lying lazily on her bed.  After a week of late-night calls and delivery timelines, this was the day she looked forward to...or was it really?

She had dropped into a faint slumber when she could hear her mother calling out," Sri! Get up! It's 15th today...don't you remember?" Living with parents is a convenient option in India, not having to worry about the daily aspects of running a household, getting timely meals and also the emotional support in times of need. 

"15th? Oh! Yeah!", the only other work for her on weekends and sometimes weekdays too!

Already at the scary number of age without a better half, was even scarier (more than her, for her parents and relatives for sure!)

Was there a dearth of good guys or was she just being too choosy? Every time she gave an initial OK nod for a better looking prospect, God had other plans. So blame it on her, fate, God or whoever, but she was single and super successful at thirty.

It is a deadly combination, and so it seems but then she could not seem to find the same combination in the opposite sex. Darn all the matrimonial sites, with the inviting good-looking groom waiting for his bride !

So as always, she had to get ready for the meeting prospects game she was playing. It is more comfortable to think of as a game rather than make it a torturous life activity(imagine meeting prospects without the first screening of parents). 

Other than the filter role, her parents had lost the zeal with which they had started this much awaited activity of their life. Sometimes it had been their judgement and sometimes Srija herself, but nothing had worked out. 

In spite of all the delay, what troubled her most was that she was slowly loosing her existing source of emotional support. 

Friends, she had many - really good friends always ready to help but then this meant more. 

She had been his darling doll, his sweetest partner-in-crime, his true companion and adviser ever since she remembered , but suddenly she was just reduced to his unmarried daughter. (As shown in old hindi movies, the burden of an unmarried girl is the heaviest! - doesn't sound good, specially in today's world where the daughter is independent and is happy with her life, not shedding tears on her useless life, like the one portrayed umpteen times by Farida Jalal.)

This transition had been more painful than anything else.

Was it correct to weaken existing relationships to find a new one? Is marriage so important in life?

Could she not just remain happy and single, until she really found her soul-mate, and just continue to celebrate her small and big wins with her parents and friends as she did five years back? Is age such a big factor to change the meaning of relationships and weaken the roots of life's most important and longest relationships?

With the best gadgets, fancy gifts to celebrate every success, with the most loving people of her life by her side, with all the freedom, her life was at what seemed to be the best of both worlds... but really was it?

She was yet to find all these answers but first let's get going with the groom hunt...

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