It's a crazy world out there folks!!
|   Jun 09, 2016
It's a crazy world out there folks!!

We all dream of being healthy and fit. Having an enviable figure is a matter of pride. Quick fix remedies are what we all want. People want to see quicker results in as little time as possible, everyone is on the run; pun intended. The moment you step out, from hoardings to distribution of pamphlets, all of them never elude you of the fact that you are unfit. Their cleverly construed marketing gimmicks seem to scream out "Buy me you loser", which we dutifully lap up like a dog who hasnt seen food in days.

Supermarkets are flooded with so many products for the health conscious that one would wonder how we managed to achieve the feat of ranking 5th on the obesity scale globally. Newspapers, magazines, are choc-a-block with terms you may have never heard before, like glycemic index, gluten, trans fat, food items like chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp, seaweed, kefir, quinoa etc. etc., the list is endless and the takers for them are also endless. Innovative workouts like animal flow, pole workouts, groove, zumba, bokwa, ugi fit, kettlebell workouts etc. not only expand your vocabulary but claim to deliver a new fitter version of you.

There seems to be a research done on which food is healthy and which is not, at a remarkable frequency .One day caffeine seems to be good for you and the next day you come across an article that claims it to be poison. Nutrition bars, low fat foods, skimmed milk, brown rice, organic candy, diet soda are trending like never before and can also make a huge dent in your pockets. The only people having a hearty laugh, are those part of the health industry which is booming like never before.

Its time to get a grip on ourselves and pause for a moment, before running senselessly in this race to be fit. Being healthy need not be trying out stuff you have never heard of in your entire life. Nothing can beat the plain old stroll or jog around the neighborhood instead of a high intensity workout in a closed room. A balanced meal, along with a ladle full of exercise, topped off with a garnish of positive attitude can do wonders. Anything in excess can spoil the game! Moderation is the way to go! 

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