The Paranoid Mom Syndrome – When I taught my child about “Good Touch & bad Touch”.
|   Aug 01, 2016
The Paranoid Mom Syndrome – When I taught my child about “Good Touch & bad Touch”.

As moms the one thing we all fear is for the safety of our child. Wherever they are, however secure they are, we have an urge to keep checking on them incessantly. My story is pretty much the same. I have a three year old son who is extremely naughty and is always on the go. My eyes are always following him. I may be busy doing something yet I keep a track of all his movements through the corner of my eye.

Being an army wife there are times when you have to leave your child under the care of another person, as there are often parties or events during which kids are not permitted. However alternate arrangements are provided, like a kids room along with a suitable caretaker who is in charge. Coming from a civilian background I was totally new to this idea and often found it hard to digest. I still try my best to always ensure that my son doesnt have to be left at the mercy of a person he is not familiar with. Reading newspapers and watching the news has made me an extremely paranoid mom. If my son gets delayed by even 10 minutes from school an umpteen number of thoughts keep fleeting through my mind, ranging from scary to outright crazy.

Recently there was an event during which I had to leave my son for a period of half an hour. My son is an extremely friendly and independent child and cherishes these moments of respite he gets from his possessive mom. Even if its for a duration as short as 30 minutes, I get a bit teary eyed when I have to leave him. A couple of days after this event, as I was giving a bath to my little one, he complained of pain as I was washing his rear side .I stopped mid track, and did a thorough inspection during which I observed a wound around that area. I found it extremely strange and it didnt even take a fraction of a second for paranoid mom to get into action. All my abilities of logical reasoning went for a toss. I was on the verge of hysteria and worked myself into a state as I thought about the awful things my son had to endure just because his mom had to attend a party.

I called my husband and just started crying, unable to tell him what was making me so upset. After a lot of coaxing he finally got it all out of me accompanied with lots of sniffing & gasping. He paused for a moment and said that I was crazy. He further explained that the wound was not a sign of any physical assault but was the result of cycling continuously. We had got him a bicycle just a couple of days back and my son had been riding it nonstop. After this my husband burst out laughing and kept the phone down saying that he was busy. I was still incredulous and found it a highly improbable explanation and turned to my google baba for more information . My husband turned out to be 100% correct. What my son was complaining about was something called as a saddle sore, which is a skin ailment on the buttocks due to constant contact with the saddle of a bicycle. While I heaved a sigh of relief, I also felt incredibly stupid. It was also that eureka moment when I realized that my helicopter parenting style is not going to protect my son from every danger the world poses to him.Rather I had to equip him to face any untowardly situation even if I am not with him. It was during this time that I explained to my son in detail about good touch & bad touch and how to deal with it. While nothing happened to my son, I also feel as parents we need to be extremely vigilant and keep our eyes and ears open for silent signs that may not be evident but are still hovering right there.

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