A sweet memory of my teenage.
|   Dec 27, 2016
A sweet memory of my teenage.

New year celebration and memories attached with it is so special to me and my heart that every time as New Year's Eve approaches I start missing my home and my mom so much. As we were four siblings so every festival used to be a big pomp and show, but New year's celebration has left a special print on my heart.Coming from a small town (now a big city) of Madhya Pradesh, new year celebration used to be a home affair and going out for parties till midnight wasn't allowed. So we used to watch television till midnight.

Every year as we used to sit down in front of television to watch the New Year's Eve program as shown on different channels, me and my mom used to have coffee together. Yes, of course it was a great deal for me to have a coffee and that too with my mom. Firstly, because she used to keep us away from caffeine and having tea and coffee wasn't allowed much. Secondly, my mom was a wonderful combination of a working woman and a perfect homemaker, so she used to be busy. We hardly got any leisure time to spend with her. So every moment of New Year's Eve used to be very special to me. I don't remember when this ritual started,but it might have just started as a random act,and I believe Ma must have enjoyed it equally for it to become a tradition gradually,year by year.

I am smiling while writing this, wondering,how powerful sometimes these small gestures and random acts are that they become a priceless memory for lifetime. We all get busy with lives and forgets how the moments spend leisurely with our loved ones can become a sweet memory for them to cherish lifetime. On this new year let's promise to ourselves that this year will be the year

- To show gratitude for what we have

- To replace presents by our presence in our loved one's lives

- To catch up with old friends and to let them know how they are very special

- To visit parents/grandparents on any of the festival to make it bright and memorable for them

P.S Here I wish all the readers a very promising new year. May all your wishes come true this year. Happy New Year.

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