Walk a mile with a smile.
|   Jun 19, 2017
Walk a mile with a smile.

Morning walk, a healthy and good way to start your day, offers so many benefits. Start your day with a brisk walk for 30-40 minutes to live a healthy and active life. Walking in the morning does not only have health benefits but it also allow you to spend time with yourself. Rather than staying up late to have that me time get up early in the morning and enjoy your me time on a walk for a stress free day. A happy you will make a happy world for yourself and your loved ones.

Here are the numerous advantages of starting a day with a brisk walk. Take a note:

• Positivity:

The walk in the morning does not drain your energy instead it sets the mood to kick start your day with zeal. It also allows you to plan your day ahead. A well planned day makes you confident and happy.

• Freedom from fatigue:

The cool breeze and the morning sun works best to rejuvenate you, and it makes you feel refreshed throughout the day. Thus, it helps to keep fatigue at bay.

• Regulates blood circulation:

Brisk walk 30-40 minutes per day regulates blood flow, therefore, keeping us healthy and fit. It also helps in keeping many diseases under control.

Cardio exercise:

Brisk walking is a good cardio exercise. It keeps the heart healthy by reducing the high cholesterol levels. It also strengthens our lungs. 30 minutes of a brisk walk daily can reduce the risk of heart diseases by up to 40%.

• Weight loss management:

When we brisk walk our muscles uses more glucose and thus it helps the body to burn fat and improves BMI(Body Mass Index). Brisk walking also strengthens the bones and muscles.

• Reduces Stress and Anxiety:

Brisk walking reduces stress by lowering down triacylglycerol levels. The morning walk also helps in reducing the anxiety levels as when we walk our brain releases chemicals that help in reducing anxiety.

• Improves socializing skills:

In the busy lifestyle, it is difficult to take time out to socialize. Walking in the morning helps us to socialize and make new friends.

• Improves appetite:

Most of the people rush to their work either skipping their breakfast or having it on the go. Walking in the morning makes us feel hungry. Eating healthy meals after brisk walk aids in weight management too apart from having various other benefits.

• Improves sleep:

Many are ignorant of this benefit of a brisk walk.When we walk regularly it helps in reducing stress and anxiety levels, it regulates blood circulation and thus further helps us in having a good night sleep.

• Fights Alzheimer and Dementia:

The routine of a morning walk helps to preserve the proper functioning of the brain as we age. It helps in reducing the risk of two deadly diseases, Alzheimer and Dementia, by 50%. Both these diseases are very common in older adults.

• Healthy glowing skin:

Start walking regularly to get the glowing skin. As walking improves blood circulation, it gives a glow to the skin and also prevents the aging sign such as wrinkles and fine line to appear on the skin. The active lifestyle keeps us fit and looks younger.

Keep these tips in mind while you walk

• Keeping posture straight while you walk tones up abs.

• Prefer morning walk than the evening walk to get the daily dose of vitamin D.

• Walk fast, preferably uphill, to burn more calories and lose fat at a faster rate.

• Don't drink too much while you brisk walk. It causes harm to the respiratory system. It's suggested to hydrate yourself before walking or 5-10 minutes after you have finished walking.

• Walks after meals effects the flow of digestive juices that further prevents the breakdown of food properly. Therefore, avoid brisk walk after meals.

Good walking pace:

As per the center for disease control (CDC) walk at the pace of three miles per hour or more is considered as a brisk walk.

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