My SuperMom cape should never come off!
|   Jul 04, 2017
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My SuperMom cape should never come off!

I’ve always wanted to be a super mom: the kind who lives for her children as well as for herself, who multitasks like a pro, who never gives up, takes care of the family, and makes sure her kids get everything they need, meanwhile excelling at what she personally intends to do and achieve in life at a personal level. Is it possible? Yes! Am I close enough at being a super mom? I think so! But am I losing out on something in this rush? Definitely yes! 

Life is full of opportunities and my kids and family might not always be able to exploit it. That might restrict their growth and limit their ability to fly. Do I wish to compromise on my family’s health in this rush? No! So keeping up with everything, I need to make sure everyone in the family gets the right quantity of essential nutrients that keeps them going. But I am a human at the end of the day, and I do falter at times. While wondering how to rectify my mistake, I stumbled upon an invite from mycity4kids where they were organising a meet with Tropicana on Tropicana’s new “Essentials” range. The event turned out to be fruitful and the knowledge I garnered enlightened me. The panels consisted of variety of experts ranging from a nutritionist to a psychologist. The major focus of the discussion was on how essential it is to have wholesome consumption of fruits and vegetables, and in this hum-drum of the fast paced world we reside in, Tropicana Essentials steps in to provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins that shall keep my family’s health intact and make sure that they develop and grow. Tropicana Essentials is an expert blend that is made from mixing the right kind & quantity of delicious yet nutritious fruits & veggies, then fortified with vital nutrients and crafted carefully to provide Essential Nutrition, for a range of health benefits. 

Catering to all the questions being posed by concerned and health conscious mothers, the experts conveyed that the juice helps in fulfilling the nutrition gap in the rushed and fast paced life we all live in. Consumption of this juice cuts down the situation of feeling low, which is the most prominent symptom of lack of fruits and veggies in the diet. What really caught my attention was the fact that Tropicana Essentials Iron variant has 15% RDA Iron, which is equivalent to 100 gms of Spinach and Methi. The easy and convenient packs at an affordable price tries to bridge the void in terms of nutrition intake. 

On receiving numerous goodies along with vast knowledge and good memories, I am sure to make Tropicana Essentials a part of my family’s daily routine. After all, there is no reason for me (or my family) to stop! There are miles to go before I pause, and why take a break when I have Tropicana Essentials with me!


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